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Community Strategic Plan

MidCoast 2030: Shared Vision, Shared Responsibility is MidCoast Council’s first community strategic plan.

This plan expresses the vision and values for MidCoast and outlines how we must work with our community to make these become a reality. The plan includes five key values:

  • We value our unique, diverse and culturally rich communities
  • We value a connected community
  • We value our environment
  • We value our thriving and growing economy
  • We value strong leadership and shared vision

Under these values we then outline where we want to be, how we will get there, who can help and how we will know once we have arrived.

Delivery Program & Operational Plan (including Council Budget)

This plan combines Council’s Delivery Program 2018-2022, and Operational Plan, Statement of Revenue Policy and Budget for 2021-2022. It sets out the Council’s goals for its term in office, as well as our commitments to the community for the year, linking to the Values, Objectives and Strategies from MidCoast’s Community Strategic Plan MidCoast 2030 - Shared Vision, Shared Responsibility.

The Delivery Program is a four year plan that covers the Council’s term in office. It captures the focus areas for Council during their tenure.

The Operational Plan outlines in more detail the individual activities, services, key projects and capital works that Council will deliver over the 12 months, July 2021 to June 2022.

View the Delivery Program and 2021-2022 Operational Plan(PDF, 15MB)

View the 2021-2022 Budget Papers(PDF, 426KB)


View previous Operational Plan/s and progress reporting below: 

Fees and Charges

MidCoast Council’s fees and charges for the period 1 July 2021 to 30 June 2022 are available in the document below:

Other Strategic Plans

Climate Change Strategy

MidCoast Council's Strategy sets out the case for a range of cost-effective actions that can be implemented progressively over several years to reduce Council’s carbon emissions and adapt its operations to the impacts of climate change. These actions include investing in renewable energy, becoming more energy efficient, sequestering carbon, transitioning to more sustainable transport options and reducing our waste to landfill.

Community Engagement Strategy 

The Community Engagement Strategy sets out our commitment engaging with our community in a meaningful way. We are committed to engaging not only to support decision making and plan for community projects, but to also build relationships and strengthen communities.

Our Community Engagement Strategy provides a clear strategic direction to guide our engagement processes and outcomes through encouraging a consistent approach and continued improvement through evaluation. It also incorporates our Community Participation Plan as required under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979. The Community Participation Plan outlines how Council will engage with our community across our planning functions.

Communications Strategy

Our Communications Strategy recognises that strong and effective communication with our community can deliver a range of benefits, including strengthening relationships, generating support and participation and improving community awareness of our programs, activities and services. Our Communications Strategy identifies initiatives to support our commitment to communicating in a way that encourages an open relationship and builds trust with our community. 

Local Strategic Planning Statement

The MidCoast Local Strategic Planning Statement sets out a future vision for land use planning across the MidCoast.

The Statement outlines how growth and change will be managed to maintain the high levels of liveability, environmental amenity and rural character that the MidCoast is renowned for. It also reinforces that the unique characteristics that contribute to the local identity of our towns and villages should be maintained and enhanced.

It identifies ten planning priorities to achieve the vision, along with short, medium, long term, and ongoing actions to monitor and report on the progress of implementation. 

Based on the key values set out in MidCoast 2030: Shared Vision, Shared Responsibility (CSP), our Statement aligns with the aspirations of our community.

The Statement also aligns with the directions and actions contained in the Hunter Regional Plan 2036. The vision of the regional plan is The leading regional economy in Australia with a vibrant new metropolitan city at its heart. The MidCoast is identified as a suitable area for growing the economy of the Hunter.

Strategic business plan for delivery of water services

Councils providing water services are required to comply with the requirements of the NSW Government’s Best Practice Management of Water Supply and Sewerage Guidelines, which include the development of a strategic business plan.

Our Water Our Future

Our Water Our Future is MidCoast Council’s Integrated Water Cycle Management Strategy. It is an adaptable strategy for the next 30 years which aims to ensure water is managed responsibly and sustainably and there is sufficient quality drinking water now and into the future.

Regional Economic Development Strategy

The MidCoast REDS is linked with Council's Community Strategic Plan and Destination Management Plan, and provides a strategic platform for community, business and Council to work with the State Government in driving economic growth. It is an important plan that will help attract State resources to underpin economic projects and create employment in the region. Further information can be found here.

Youth Strategic Plan

The Youth Strategic Plan is a document that provides a clear strategic direction to guide and focus the way in which Council, service providers and the broader community support and empower our young people. Visit the Youth section of our website for more information and to view the Plan.

Disability Inclusion Action Plan

The Disability Inclusion Action Plan (DIAP) was adopted by Council on 28 June 2017. 

It sets out our commitment to:

  • Continually seek ways to improve the accessibility and inclusiveness of our community through advocacy, collaboration and partnerships.
  • Continue to raise community awareness of the needs and rights of people with disability.
  • Ongoing and genuine dialogue with people with disability.

MidCoast Council's DIAP is the result of consultation with people with disabilities, their carers and service providers and can be viewed on the link below.

Waste Management Strategy 2030

Communities worldwide are leading the way in imagining a future which is less wasteful of resources and which protects the natural environment from harm. Concern about the crisis of plastic waste in our oceans and waterways is one example of the global impact of waste.

These concerns are shared by the residents of MidCoast Council. Our guiding document MidCoast 2030 Shared Vision, Shared Responsibility states:

Our natural environment is protected and enhanced, while we maintain our growing urban centres and manage our resources wisely. This value is to be realised by:

  • Sustainability managing our waste through reduction, reuse, recycling and repurposing
  • Proactively managing our resource consumption

The focus on recycling and repurposing is good news for the local economy. A circular economy approach keeps resources in use within the economy for longer. This has the benefit of reducing demand for new resources while also providing employment. Reuse and recycling employs an increasing number of people in sustainable and secure jobs covering technical, commercial and operational skills.

Reimagine Waste, the MidCoast Waste Management Strategy, focuses on how we can sustainably manage our waste until 2030. It establishes priority areas for our Council so we can better manage waste as a valuable resource and reduce the environmental impacts of waste disposal. The ambitious targets for waste avoidance and reduction in the strategy will require change in practices by all sections of the community.

Resourcing Strategies

Workforce Management Plan

Asset Management Strategies

Long Term Financial Plan

Annual Reports

The latest MidCoast Council Annual Report can be viewed in flipbook format or downloaded by clicking on the document link below.

Annual Financial Statements

Local Emergency Management Plan

MidCoast Council Local Emergency Management Plan(PDF, 846KB)  

The objectives of this plan are to:

  • define participating organisation and functional area roles and responsibilities in preparation for, response to and recovery from emergencies;
  • set out the control, co-ordination and liaison arrangements at the local level;
  • detail activation and alerting arrangements for involved agencies; and
  • detail arrangements for the acquisition and co-ordination of resources.

Local Community Plans

Pedestrian Access and Mobility Plan (PAMP) and Bike Plan

MidCoast Pedestrian Access and Mobility Plan and Bike Plan(PDF, 153MB)

The plan provides a series of strategies to improve facilities for walking and cycling across the MidCoast Council region. 

It is all about connecting communities and ensuring accessibility for everyone across the MidCoast, including people with a disability, as well as increasing leisure opportunities and encouraging an active lifestyle.

The plan is a strategic document that is a collaboration between Council and local communities to show what improvements could be made - encouraging the incorporation of active transport networks into future development for these communities. 

MidCoast Cultural Plan 2036

MidCoast Cultural Plan 2036(PDF, 34MB)

At the beginning of 2020, MidCoast Council began working on its inaugural Cultural Plan to support the strengthening of the region’s creatives and help invigorate the local economy.

The MidCoast Cultural Plan 2036 seeks to improve relationships and partnerships, with Council playing both a leadership and facilitation role. It helps to prioritise projects, support cultural infrastructure projects, leverage Council and community groups with State and Federal funding bodies, as well as further educate the MidCoast community about the value of culture.

The MidCoast is home to a diverse number of communities that each have their own unique story. Yet from freshwater to saltwater, bush to beach, MidCoast also shares a strong sense of belonging, community and history.

The MidCoast Cultural Plan 2036 is about identifying how the community can come together to celebrate its unique story, and finding ways to make this easier to do, whether that be by freshening up places, finding out more about local history and each other, or simply getting together (online or offline) and having fun in new ways. It also looks at specific local opportunities to better use existing facilities and resources.

The importance of cultural planning extends beyond arts and culture, recognising the broader lifestyle of residents, economic impacts and the experience of visitors. Cultural planning is about supporting the creative, artistic and cultural aspects of a place and the community.