Holding an event

If you want to hold an event in a public space, the following information should help answer your questions and get you started. We welcome events to our region, although there are many things to consider when giving approval for events, including public safety and ensuring minimal disruption to others, and so we do need to find out more and sometimes to consider an application from you to hold an event.

Public spaces include; parks, reserves, beaches, recreation areas, streets and footpaths, lookouts, among others. 

Check our Public spaces page to see if your event may be impacted by Alcohol free zones and alcohol prohibited areas. 

How do I know if I need to complete an Event Application?

How do I know if I need to complete an Event Application?

As a guide, an event application will be required if your event:

  • requires exclusive use of public reserves and/or facilities (ie toilets, existing infrastructure)
  • and/or has any of the following:
  • requires the use of Council Services (eg.additional/extended periods of lighting of reserves, additional waste services);
  • is likely to attract an audience of more than 200 people;
  • is open to the public (free or ticketed);
  • requires full or partial temporary closure of a road;
  • proposes installation of temporary structures & facilities (stages, platforms, marquees, portable toilets);
  • will have amusement and/or inflatable devices;
  • comprises the sale or service of food;
  • comprises the sale, service or tasting of alcohol;
  • is a one-off sporting activity (ie not related to seasonal competitions) 
  • If your event proposes the above activities or features, an Event Application will need to be completed. 

If none of the above apply to you then a simple Park booking may be all that is needed - see ‘Book a Council Facility’ on Council’s website or click here.

If you are still unsure if your activity would require an event application, please contact MidCoast Council on 7955 7777 and discuss your proposal with the Events Liaison Officer.

How do I apply to hold an event?

Here at MidCoast Council we love events and activities being held in our beautiful parks and reserves and our dedicated Events Team are here to assist you in getting your event happening!

If you are familiar with the Event Application process and are confident that your activity requires the completion of an Event Application, skip straight to the 'Complete an Event Application' section below.

If you are unsure if your activity requires an Event Application or you need further guidance, please read the information provided here:

Firstly, is your event on private land or in a Hall?

If your event is to be held on Private land or in a hall, you will not need to complete an event application. You will follow a different process. 

To hold an event or activity on private land, the first thing you need to do is to enquire with Council's Development and Planning section, Call Council on 7955 7777 to discuss your proposal with a planner.

To hold an event or activity in a Council managed hall or building, you can either make a booking on Council’s Bookable system or contact Council on 7955 7777 and discuss your proposal with a member of Council’s Halls and Facilities team. 

How do I apply to hold an event on Council owned or managed land? 

To hold an event or activity on Council owned or managed land, Council approval is required.

For larger gatherings an Event Application may need to be completed.

To hold a small gathering (such as a family function or wedding service) you may only be required to make a park booking via Council’s website.

When do I need to submit my Event Application?

As a guide, the greater the impact your event will have on the community, Council reserves, and/or infrastructure (eg roads, parking etc) the earlier we would like to receive your event application to allow us time to adequately assess your proposal.

In general, applications should be submitted to council 12 weeks or 3 months before your event.

If there will be road closures and / or service of alcohol Council will require the application a minimum of 16 weeks or 4months before your event date. 

Complete an Event Application

While we try to keep our application process as simple as possible, we do require certain documentation to ensure the event will be a safe and positive experience for everyone.  The following forms need to be completed or provided before your event can be assessed. 

  • Complete your event application form here:

Event Application

Click here for a printable pdf version of this form.(PDF, 229KB)

 Inclusivity and Accessibility at events

Please note that it is a legal requirement for Event Owners to provide access to people with a disability.  Events should be enjoyed by everyone in our community and need be designed in an inclusive and accessible way.

The NSW Government have put out a toolkit to help Event Owners ensure they adhere to the regulations - NSW government toolkit. The toolkit provides a checklist for event organisers, advises on universal language and symbols and provides tips for communication and assistance. By following the guidelines you will have an event that will be fun for all to attend.

  • You will need to develop an Event Management Plan if you don’t already have one. A template is available here:

Event Management Plan(DOCX, 59KB)

  • A Risk Assessment is required to accompany an Event Application. A sample of a Risk Assessment Template and Risk Matrix can be found here:

Event Risk Assessment Form & Matrix(DOCX, 35KB)

  • An Event Site Map will also be required to be attached to your application; an example of a site map has been provided here:

Site Map Sample(PDF, 276KB)

In the current environment, a Covid Safety Plan may also be required to accompany an event application. Templates and guides are available on NSW Government website. 

Depending on the activities you will be having at your event, you may also need to complete one or more of the form/s listed below:

Fees will apply to some applications forms. Council's Fees and Charges can be found here.

Remember, our Events Team are always on hand to help you through the process if you are in need of any assistance. We love to get Events in our region up and running and are here to help this happen.  

Book a Council facility for your event

Our online booking service allows users to book various Council venues for sporting events, community events and private functions.

Parks – Private functions such as weddings, small community events

Sports Grounds – Sporting clubs single use & seasonal usage, school use

Outdoor Community Pools – school use, swim club, swimming lessons

Showgrounds – motor home camping, animal events such as pony club and dressage, community events

Beaches – monthly surf competitions, weddings.

Use our online venue booking system here

Can I display signage for my event?

Promoting your event in the months leading up to your event is key. Installing roadside signage is just one way to ensure people know about your even ahead of time. For more information about locations and safety considerations and conditions, please complete this form Community Event Signage application form(PDF, 829KB).

Holding Temporary Food Stalls at my event

You will need to supply Council with a Temporary Food Stall Notification form

Completed forms should be submitted at a MidCoast Council office or emailed to [email protected]

Stall set-up and design must comply with NSW Guidelines for Temporary Food Events, and you will need to attach a drawn plan of the stall and specify how food products and preparation will be protected.

Any food handlers must have appropriate training skills and knowledge in food safety as required.

How do I promote my event?

If you’re holding an event in the Barrington Coast and would like it included in the What’s On Calendar please submit your event details here: Submit an Event | Barrington Coast

If you are holding a community event anywhere in the MidCoast region, you can list it and your community group or organisation for free on our community directory MyMidCoast.com.au

Can I apply for sponsorship for my event?

For event sponsorship opportunities and information, visit our Grants & Funding page.


Can I conduct a business on public land?

If you wish to conduct your business from public land you will need to enter into a licence agreement with Council.  Some examples when a licence is needed are Fitness Groups, Surf Schools, Stand-up Paddle Boards etc or any activity where you are deriving an income from the use of public space or assets. To assist staff when assessing your request it is recommended you supply as much information as possible on your proposed activities including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Type of activity
  • Foreshore area to be used as a base to set up / set down
  • Hours of operation
  • Days of operation
  • Qualifications
  • Level on public liability insurance
  • Class sizes
  • Are you in competition with another operator
  • Equipment used
  • Does the equipment have workcover / safety Certificates?

Can we hold a wedding in a public space?

The MidCoast is abundant with beautiful beaches, waterways, rivers, headlands, and rustic rural settings - perfect for outdoor wedding ceremonies. We are happy for you to enjoy your special day in our beautiful outdoors, but you need to book the venue. Here is a few things you need to consider:

  • you can’t hold your wedding reception in any public space;
  • public land is for everyone - we are unable to give you exclusive use of public spaces, so we request that you do not disturb other users of the facility;
  • and rice and confetti are not allowed on any reserve or beach - we need to keep the area beautiful!
  • There is a $115.50 application fee to use the park for weddings.

Use our online venue booking system to book your wedding or special ceremony. We will also need the following additional information:

  • the approximate number of guests (so any parking issues can be sorted out).
  • tell us about any special items you will be bringing to the ceremony (such as carpet, seating, tables, arches, flowers, etc)

Can I hold a street stall?

Across the MidCoast, Council's Vibrant Spaces initiative aims to encourage vibrant street spaces. Visit the link to register to hold a stall for non-profit organisations.

Holding a market

Council recognises that well managed markets activate and bring vibrancy to public spaces enhancing economic potential while promoting healthy lifestyles and encouraging local production, distribution and consumption of food and other goods.

In March 2019, Council adopted a markets policy which relates to markets throughout the MidCoast Council local government area. The policy applies to all regular markets held on Council owned land and/or Council controlled public land including halls and public buildings.

Application for regular markets must be submitted online using the application form below.

All applicants should review the Market application guidelines(PDF, 297KB) before completing the application.

Applications should consist of the following documents:


Busking in a public space

Across the MidCoast region, Council's Vibrant Spaces initiative outlines how to busk.