From 1 January 2021, all Development Applications, Construction Certificates and other documents must be lodged online via the NSW Planning Portal

Applicants will no longer be able to submit their development applications directly to MidCoast Council.

To lodge an application via the NSW Planning Portal you must register for an account.

To help navigate the NSW Planning Portal, including registering for an account and lodging an application online, please see the Department's How to Guides.

Prior to submitting your application please ensure that you have read “The DA Process” section of our website and that your application provides all information and documents required.

Your application won't be formally lodged until it has been checked for accuracy and completeness AND the full and correct fees have been paid.

We will contact you directly for payment. The application is considered lodged once it has been checked, the necessary information has been provided and the fees have been paid.

We realise that the building and planning process can be daunting, and that's why we've set up a dedicated team who are on hand to provide personalised help from early on in the planning process.

Use the sections below to find out more about the steps you will need to take and how to apply.

If you need further help, our team will be able to provide the right advice on the next steps.