Construction certificates

Once you have development consent for building work, you will need to obtain a Construction Certificate.

If your proposal is relatively simple, it is possible to lodge the application at the same time as your development application.

A Construction Certificate certifies that: 

  • the construction plans and specifications comply with relevant standards (e.g. Building Code of Australia)
  • construction plans and specifications are consistent with the development consent
  • conditions of the development consent have been met.

All Construction Certificates and the majority of post consent certificates must be submitted through the NSW Planning Portal

A construction certificate can be issued by us or by a private accredited certifier.

If you would like MidCoast Council to complete all the certification work for the development, on the Planning Portal, you will need to:

  1. Appoint 'MidCoast Council’ as the Principal Certifier 
  2. Apply for a 'Construction Certificate', and once all works are complete
  3. Apply for an 'Occupation Certificate'.

Request a building inpection