Public spaces

Alcohol free zones and alcohol prohibited areas

Alcohol Free Zones (AFZ) and Alcohol Prohibited Areas (APA) are currently open for feedback until 4.30pm 30 September 2022. Follow the link here for more information and to Have Your Say.

Drinking alcohol in public areas is linked with anti-social behaviour and crime. To help address these problems, MidCoast Council works with the Police and local Liquor Accords to set up Alcohol Free Zones and Alcohol Prohibited Areas.

An Alcohol Free Zone (AFZ) applies to roads, footpaths and car parks, and is an area where public drinking of alcohol is completely banned 24/7.

An Alcohol Prohibited Zone (APZ) bans alcohol for the designated time. This ban applies to all parks, beaches, reserves and ovals where indicated by signs. The zones are indicated on the maps below.

The police may confiscate any alcohol in these areas, and fines can be issued.


If you want to busk on the public footpath you will need to register for our Vibrant Spaces initiative.

Click here for more information and to complete the online registration.


Mobility Map - Forster Tuncurry

The Forster Tuncurry Mobility Map shows the accessible features such as kerb ramps, parking spaces and amenities for people with disabilities, in and around areas of Forster and Tuncurry.

Download the map here(PDF, 985KB)


Public toilets and Master Locksmith Access Key (MLAK)

Public toilets are located throughout the MidCoast area. See our Facilities directory for information on Council facilities with public toilets. 

Further information about public toilet locations can be found on the National Public Toilet Map website.

Some of the amenities have 24-hour disability access using the Master Locksmith Access Key (MLAK). To buy one of these keys, you simply need to complete an application form and pay the fee. You can also get the form from Council's Customer Service Centres.

MLAK application form(PDF, 631KB)


Weddings in public spaces

We live in a beautiful part of the world, perfect for an outdoor wedding ceremony. MidCoast Council is happy to permit wedding ceremonies on Council reserves and beaches. However, we are unable to allow wedding receptions.

There is a fee to use a Council reserve or beach for a wedding ceremony, which can be found in our Fees and Charges under 'Community Spaces Bookings'. You will also need to submit an application to use public land. We will need the following additional information:

  • The approximate number of guests (so any parking issues can be sorted out).

  • Tell us about any special items you will be bringing to the ceremony (such as carpet, seating, tables, arches, flowers, etc.)

Other than at Pebbly Beach Outdoor Learning Centre, we can't give exclusive use of public spaces, so it is requested there be no disturbance to other users. Rice or confetti is also not allowed on any reserve or beach.

For more information on holding a wedding in a public space, please go to our 'Holding an Event' web page.

You can search for any of our parks, public halls and community centres on our 'Find a Facility' page.

For holding an event or running a business on public land click here.