Memorial options

There are a range of memorial options for you to consider.

Take a look below and download our flyer(PDF, 154KB) to help you start the conversation.

Columbarium walls

Columbarium walls are for the placement of ashes into a wall setting. Ashes are placed into the niche receptacle and a memorial plaque secured over the niche.

Plaques are available in a range of materials, contact our team for a quote. 

Memorial plaques are an option when ashes have been interred or scattered elsewhere.

Denominational burial sections

Various denominational sections are available for burials or interment of ashes.

We only permit single depth burials. 

General burial sections

General burial sections cater for all denominations or personal beliefs.

Lawn burial sections

Lawn burial sections are a modern option for burials or interment of ashes into a burial site.

Various memorial gardens

Various Memorial Ashes Gardens are available at our cemeteries.

The design of these gardens has an emphasis on bird attracting native plants and flowers.

Ashes are interred and a memorial plaque placed above the ashes at ground level.

Memorial only options

Various memorial only options are available.

This is an option when ashes have been interred or scattered elsewhere or held by your family.

For further information email [email protected] or phone 7955 7777.


For details on the costs associated with the different memorial options, see our Fees & Charges.