Community Strategic Plan

We are currently reviewing our Community Strategic Plan.
We review the plan every four years and each time we want to check in with our community to see what has changed and make sure the plan reflects these changes. Have your say today.

MidCoast 2022-2032: Shared Vision, Shared Responsibility is our community strategic plan. it sets out the vision and values for our area.

This plan outlines how we must work with our community to make these become a reality.

The plan includes five key values:

  • We value our unique, diverse and culturally rich communities
  • We value a connected community
  • We value our environment
  • We value our thriving and growing economy
  • We value strong leadership and shared vision

In the plan we outline where we want to be, how we will get there, who can help and how we will know once we have arrived.

See how we engaged with our community on the development of this plan.

MidCoast 2022-2032 Community Strategic Plan(PDF, 4MB)


End of Term report 2018-21

The end of term report provides an update on the achievements of the term of the elected Council.

End of Term report 2018-21(PDF, 8MB)