Found a stray animal?

Found a stray dog?

If you have found a stray dog please call us on 02 7955 7777. We will collect the animal if it has been restrained, and when our staff are available.

Stray dogs are often distressed and reporting them quickly assists us to locate and collect them and reunite them with their owners. While our rangers can patrol the area of the sighting, picking it up from a known location is much easier. If you are able to secure the animal by tying it up out the front or securely in your backyard, we will pick up the stray from your property. Our Rangers are able to pick up stray dogs during business hours Monday to Friday.

Dog attacks in progress, dogs to collect, and straying dogs in CBD areas are all acknowledged as priority and will always be attended to by a ranger as quickly as possible.

Barking dogs are not classified as urgent but will be attended to according to our procedures. Find out more.


Found a stray cat?

If you find a cat, we suggest you:

  • leave it alone - if the cat is a domestic cat, it is allowed to roam and will likely find its own way home
  • speak with your neighbours to determine whether it’s owned by anyone nearby
  • you can take it to a local vet to see if the cat is microchipped
  • if the cat is causing a nuisance lodge a complaint with our rangers
  • contact us on 02 7955 7777 if the cat does not leave on its own and its owner cannot be identified.

Found a dead animal?

Dead animals on public property can also be reported to us and we will remove them. For reasons of public health, we are required to dispose of animals immediately and they cannot be recovered by owners.

We don’t remove dead animals from private property.

Report a dead animal on public property

Lost an animal?

If you have lost your pet or livestock, contact us with your microchip or tag number. We will record it on the register as being lost. This may prevent your pet from being stolen.  

If your pet has no microchip, check with your vet or on social media, as it may have been handed in to the vet or advertised in Facebook groups.

To see if we have your lost pet, please visit the Lost Animal Register