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For DAs, please complete DA Pack parts 1 & 2.

Other commonly required forms are listed below alphabetically.

Forms relating to:
Fire safety, Weeds, Orders, Flood Level, Swimming Pool Certificate of Compliance,  Building Certificates, Section 603, Section 10.7

603 and 10.7 Certification Notice

Please apply for your combined Council rates and charges and outstanding water fees and charges online in our portal below.

click here

Please note: you can also download the property enquiry and certificates application form below if you are having difficulty accessing the online portal.

Apply for an Outstanding Notices and Orders Certificate

An Outstanding Notices and Orders Certificate lists any outstanding notices and orders issued by Council in relation to a particular property. Notices issued might include unauthorised building works, stormwater works or unsafe or unhealthy conditions.

Council has previously offered two certificates, a 121ZP Certificate for notices and orders issued under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 and a 735A Certificate for notices and orders issued under the Local Government Act 1993.

Following amendments to the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act in December 2019, information from the 121ZP Certificate and information from the 735A Certificate will now be provided on one single certificate.  There is now no need to apply for two separate certificates and the new certificate will supply information on outstanding orders or notices under both the Local Government Act and the Environmental and Planning Assessment Act.

Annual Fire Safety Certificates

The Department of Planning, Industry and Environment has advised that a new template form for annual fire safety certificates & statements is now available. The form must be used from Monday 1 March 2021. Access the form and guidance material on the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment’s website.

If you own property in the area but don't live here, you may be eligible to vote in the 2024 elections.

Applicants as individuals will need to submit the Individual Claim form (LG. 127I)

Applicants as a corporation/entity or joint and group owners, will need to submit the Nomination Claim form (LG.127N)

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