Agendas and minutes

All Council meeting agendas, including reports and related attachments, and minutes are available to the community.

Agendas are usually available on the website by 1pm on the Friday prior to the meeting date. The minutes of the meeting will be available on the website after each meeting.

Summaries of the main outcomes of each meeting are also available here.

Ordinary Meeting of 22 November 2023 - Livestream

The Ordinary Meeting of 22 Novebmber 2023 will be webcast live from 2pm. The public will be able to view the meeting via livestream through an audio-visual weblink of the meeting using the link below.

Access the webcast livestream here

Members of the public are welcome to attend the meeting.

Connecting to the webcast

The quality of the webcast will depend on your PC’s memory and internet connection bandwidth. Please be patient when loading as it can take time to start playing depending on your connection.

Notice of copyright and disclaimer

This electronic transmission is protected by copyright owned by MidCoast Council and no part thereof may be copied or recorded or made available to others without the prior written consent of MidCoast Council. The webcast is made available to provide our community with information and must not be used to misrepresent, ridicule or cause detriment to another person or for the purposes of satire or advertising. Opinions expressed or statements made by individual persons during the course of this transmission are the opinions or statements of those individual persons and are not opinions or statements of MidCoast Council. This transmission is not, and shall not, be taken to be an official record of the Ordinary Meeting or discussion depicted. 

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