Get adjoining property information

Applications can be made to council to help you initiate contact with adjoining property owners, for example if you need to contact them about fixing an adjoining fence. Council is mindful of balancing the need to respect people's privacy with the needs of the community. To initiate contact with your neighbour, complete the form and we will then forward it on to the adjoining owner on your behalf. It will be up to the adjoining owner if they want to respond.

Request to initiate contact with adjoining property owner

If your request concerns a property which does not adjoin your property, council is unable to assist you. You will need to contact NSW Land Registry Services on 1300 052 637 or

If you would like Council to provide this information, you are able to lodge a formal Government Information (Public Access) Act Application(PDF, 766KB) and we will consult with the owner on your behalf. Charges will apply.

Enquiries can be directed to Customer Service on 6591 7222 or [email protected]