Road, footpath & drainage approvals


You need to obtain permission from us for any works or activities on a public roadway or footpath/nature strip. If you are planning to undertake any of these activities you’ll need to contact us for approval.

Closing of a public road

You need to apply to us to close a public road on a temporary or permanent basis.

If you want to close a road temporarily to undertake work, you will need to use the form below.  

Temporary Road Closure Permit(PDF, 381KB)

We will assess the impact on the community, public safety and suitability of traffic control plans.

If you wish to close a public road permanently there is a process that needs to be followed and this includes written agreement of the owners of all private property adjoining the road. For more information contact our Senior Surveyor, Transport Assets on 02 7955 7777.

Naming roads and bridges

In considering any naming requests we will consult with the local community and the Geographical Names Board.

Road and bridge naming application(PDF, 1MB)

Road and bridge naming guideline(PDF, 195KB)

Public stock grids and gates

Apply to install a public gate (which is to comprise a stock grid and gate) to control stock movement.

Application for public stock grid & gate(PDF, 828KB)

SD106 public stock grid & gate (PDF, 2MB)


An application for stormwater drainage work is required if you are:

  • Connecting a private drain with a public drain.  
  • Connecting stormwater drainage to a kerb and gutter, drainage easement or watercourse.
  • Carrying out work associated with on-site detention of stormwater.


Site Stormwater Design Guideline(PDF, 729KB)

Stormwater Connection Application(PDF, 1MB)

Work in or on a road reserve

If you want to erect a structure or carry out work in, on or over a public road you will need to obtain approval from us.

Your conditions of consent will tell you which of the following you will require:

Subdivision Works Certificate application is required for major civil works associated with development consent. Major works typically, but not always, refers to work to a value greater than $25,000.

Public Engineering Works Permit application is required for works such as road or footpath construction, kerb and gutter, drainage, lighting and traffic control devices.

Application to carry out a Section 138 road activity this is for works in a road reserve for anything that disturbs the existing surface of a road or footpath.

Application to erect hoarding or occupy a work zone required for temporary use of a public road, footpath or parking space and is especially required when working in areas where there is a high pedestrian traffic and a high demand for parking. This includes areas within town centres.


A driveway application is required for every driveway cross-over that connects a property with the road. 

Driveway application(PDF, 942KB)

You will need to submit your completed application form with a detailed plan to confirm that your proposal complies with the relevant standard drawing.

Driveway standard drawings

A guideline is available with regard to Driveway crossing(PDF, 269KB).