Mayor & Councillors

MidCoast Council’s Mayor, Claire Pontin, was elected by her peers at the 12 January 2022 meeting of Council.

Mayor Pontin, and Deputy Mayor Alan Tickle, will serve in their positions until the Local Government election in September 2024.

MidCoast Council is one of the 92 councils across the State that elect their Mayor through the elected Council.

Only 35 of the State’s 127 local government areas have a popularly elected Mayor.

Elections for mayor by councillors are conducted in accordance with the Local Government (General) Regulation 2005.

For details on the process of electing the Mayor please see the Office of Local Government’s fact sheet.

Current councillors of MidCoast Council and their contact details are provided below.

They will serve a reduced term of two years and eight months following the election conducted by the NSW Electoral Commission on 4 December 2021.

Councillor attendance - 2022

Council resolved at its Meeting of 11 May 2022 that a record of all Councillor attendance or absence from Council meetings, workshops, briefings and committee meetings where Councillors have nominated to be the Councillor representative, be recorded and published on the MCC website on a monthly basis. Attendance as 'in person' or 'via Zoom' should also be recorded. The monthly records are held under the relevant calendar year below. 










Council elections

Find out more about Council elections, voting and non-residential rolls here.