Agritourism is a type of experiential travel which connects people to product or produce, delivered on farming land through a direct “on farm” experience. Agritourism is made up of four essential elements:

  1. Combines tourism and agriculture industries;
  2. Attracts members of the public to visit on farms;
  3. Farmers diversify from agriculture into tourism, increasing farm income and/or employment; and
  4. Provides recreation, entertainment and/or educational experiences related to the agricultural enterprise.

Recent adverse farming conditions such as bushfires, floods and droughts, have highlighted how precarious life on the land can be, reminding many that a diversified income, social network and skillsets for expanding families can sustain communities and businesses in difficult times.

Agritourism’s strengths of space, distance and simplicity have proven appealing after the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdowns, furthering the demand for farm-based holiday stays and experiences. Additionally, the CSIRO estimates that agritourism in Australia will reach $18.6Billion by 2030.

The MidCoast Region is well-positioned to enable agritourism offerings and contribute to the local economy.

Below are some resources to assist you through the planning and development of agritourism experiences: