Development contribution plans

Development Contribution Plans apply levies to development to fund community infrastructure, such as roads, libraries and sports fields. This way the burden of the cost for new infrastructure to support future growth is placed upon an incoming population, not existing ratepayers.

When development occurs, future residents require infrastructure such as roads, footpaths, parks and community services. These costs alone can’t be met by Council and the developer will be required to contribute to the cost of providing this infrastructure. These costs are known as developer contributions or Section 7.11 and 7.12 contributions (which is the section of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 that applies - formerly s94 and s94A). Contributions are imposed as conditions of development consent, and the contribution may be:

  • the payment of monetary contributions
  • dedication of an appropriate parcel of land (such as land for a new park)
  • improvements (such as playground equipment).

Contribution plans

Contribution plans provide the basis for what infrastructure is needed and how the costs are apportioned over an area. The plans that apply across the MidCoast Council area are shown below:

Manning Region

Great Lakes Region

Gloucester Region