Planning proposals

A planning proposal is the first step in making a change to a Local Environmental Plan.

An application for a planning proposal can be made to amend either of the three Local Environment Plans in place in the MidCoast.

These applications need to be submitted through the NSW Planning Portal as a planning proposal application.

They are used to request an amendment to either:

  • Zoning of land
  • Development standards (building height, floor space ratio, lot size)
  • Permitted land use

We process planning proposals in line with our release area program, which provides for land for residential and employment growth.

To be eligible land must firstly be identified in an adopted strategy, such as Council’s MidCoast Urban Release Areas Report July 2021, and rezoning must be sought within the time period identified in the document. This ensures that the proposal can meet the ‘strategic merit’ requirement of the State Government for the rezoning of land.

What is required?

Planning proposal applications require external planning expertise.

The proposal that accompanies the application must be prepared by a qualified town planner in accordance with relevant State Government guidelines and lodged on the NSW Planning Portal.

Anyone considering lodging a planning proposal or a development control amendment, should have a chat to our Land Use Planning team first, and then proceed to a formal pre-lodgement meeting.

For the Local Environment Plans in force in the MidCoast visit the Developing a new framework webpage.