Citizenship ceremonies

Every year, we welcome a number of MidCoast residents as new Australian citizens. Council runs Citizenship Ceremonies on behalf of the Department of Home Affairs.

Citizenship Ceremonies are held a number of times during the year at our administration and customer service centre, Yalwanyi Ganya, to formally welcome new citizens.

For more information or to apply for Australian Citizenship

Apply for Australian Citizenship

You will be eligible to attend a citizenship ceremony when you have:

  • completed your application process with the Department of Home Affairs
  • received your letter of approval from the Minister for Immigration, Citizenship, Migrant Services and Multicultural Affairs.

To become an Australian citizen, you will need to attend a citizenship ceremony and make the pledge.

Ceremony Dates

We generally hold five ceremonies each year – Australia Day, Harmony Week in March, Refugee Week in June, Australian Citizenship Day in September and often a ceremony in December if numbers permit.

Exact dates and times of the ceremonies will be communicated to the invitess approximately four to six weeks ahead of the ceremony.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

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I have received my letter of approval. When can I attend a ceremony?

The Department of Home Affairs send an approved candidate list to council approximately six weeks prior to a ceremony. You can usually expect to be invited to a ceremony within six months of your application approval (waiting times can vary). Council does not have information specific to your application and all enquiries are directed to the Department of Home Affairs. 

Department of Home Affairs

Telephone: 131 880

How long will I have to wait before I get an invitation to my ceremony?

Invitations are sent out approximately two to four weeks prior to a ceremony. If an approved candidate does not receive an invitation it may indicate that the candidate just missed the cut off date for that ceremony. If this is the case, the recipient will most likely be sent an invitation to the next ceremony.


Do I need to attend a ceremony to become a citizen?

Yes. Candidates cannot become citizens unless they have attended a ceremony and verbally made the Pledge.


Do children need to attend citizenship ceremonies?

Children under 16 years will receive an invitation to attend but do not legally have to be at a ceremony to if their parent is attending. Children over 16 years will have to apply for citizenship separately and are required to attend a ceremony.


What if I can't attend the next ceremony?

Candidates who do not attend their allocated citizenship ceremonies will have their applications returned to the pool of applicants and will be invited to the next available ceremony.


What do I need to bring with me to the ceremony?

You must bring valid photo identification – a current Australian Drivers Licence or valid passport are ideal.


Is it possible to arrange a private ceremony?

The Department of Home Affairs are the approving authority to bring forward a recipient to a private ceremony, each case is individually assessed by the Department of Home Affairs to determine if your case meets the requirements of a private ceremony. Council can only arrange private ceremonies under direction of the Department of Home Affairs.


Citizenship certificate

After you have made the pledge, you should receive your citizenship certificate.

If your certificate is not ready at the ceremony, Department of Home Affairs will post it to you. You will still become a citizen when you make the pledge.

Your citizenship certificate is issued in the name you gave on your application form. This was your legal name at the time Department of Home Affairs approved your citizenship.

Your citizenship certificate is an important legal document. You will need it when you apply for an Australian passport. You may need it to apply for a job or join the Australian Defence Force.

Tell Department of Home Affairs if you lose your certificate, or it is stolen.

Can I take images at the ceremony?

You and your guests may take photos during the ceremony and after the formalities.

Council may take photographs and film the ceremony. The media may attend too.

Those taking photos are asked to follow the ceremony closely and be prepared to take a photo as Citizenship certificates are presented.

Please be mindful of the formal nature of the ceremony and be respectful of those waiting to receive their certificates.