Load Limited Bridges

Load limits refer to the maximum weight that a bridge can safely support. These limits are determined through rigorous engineering calculations and evaluations of a bridge's structural integrity. Exceeding these limits can lead to structural damage, compromising the safety of the bridge and those who use it.

Council regularly assesses the capacity of our bridges and applies load limits to control the risk of overloaded bridge structures from heavy vehicles to ensure safety for road users. Many of our older bridges were built to standards that are now outdated. Modern vehicles, particularly heavy trucks, exert greater loads than those for which these bridges were originally designed. Exceeding these design loads can accelerate structural deterioration and increase the risk of damage. Over time, bridges undergo wear and tear due to various factors like weathering, corrosion, and traffic loads. This can lead to weakening of materials compromising the bridge's ability to support heavy loads.

Use our interactive map to view the relevant load limits on bridges in the region.

We understand that these load limits may impact transportation routes and logistics. As such, we are committed to transparent communication and welcome feedback from the community regarding load limit implementations. If you need more information on a load limited bridge, please contact Customer Service on 02 7955 7777 or submit an online enquiry.