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Rates are our primary source of income, and we are legislated in the way we calculate Ordinary Rates. 

Click on the links below to find out more, explore options for paying your rates, or for answers to a range of Frequently Asked Questions. For help in understanding your rate notice and what the various line items mean, download our 'How to read your rate notice' guide.

Due dates for rates

Important changes to due dates in FY20/21 

Rates are paid every year and can be paid in full or by quarterly instalments.  Due to the financial impact of COVID-19, the due date for paying in full was extended by one month. This extension also applied for the first quarterly instalment. If you pay your rates in full, they are usually due on or before 31 August each financial year. This year, your rates were due on or before 30 September, 2020.

A delay in issuing the Q3 instalment notice has also resulted in a one month extension of the payment date to ensure the usual 28 days advance notice for payment is provided.

Payment dates for quarterly instalments are:

  • 1st Instalment – 30 September
  • 2nd Instalment – 30 November
  • 3rd Instalment – 2 April
  • 4th Instalment – 31 May

Interest on overdue rates

Interest is charged on overdue amounts. In the FY20/21 period the following interest charges will apply:

  • 0% pa for overdue amounts during the period 1/07/2020 - 31/12/2020  
  • 7% pa for overdue amounts during the period 1/01/2021 - 30/06/2021


Your Property Information

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