Holding an Event

If you want to hold an event in a public space, the following information should help answer your questions and get you started.  We welcome events to our region, although there are many things to consider when giving approval for events, including public safety and ensuring minimal disruption to others, and so we do need to find out more and sometimes to consider an application from you to hold an event.

Public spaces include parks, reserves, beaches, recreation areas, streets and footpaths, lookouts, amongst others. 

You can search our facilities below to find a location for your event and then refer to the information below to complete any required applications.

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Book a Council facility for your event (including sports fields, parks, swimming pools)

Our area is full of beautiful parks, gardens, recreation areas and playgrounds. There are numerous choices for your event.  We are also responsible for well equipped public halls and community centres along with numerous heritage buildings.

Facilities can be booked using the following forms:

How do I apply to hold a larger event?

Complete and submit the relevant form below at least four months before your event. A council representative will contact you to advise whether a DA is required.

As a guide, if your event:

  • requires Council services eg power, amenities, waste; and / or
  • attracts an audience of more than 50 people;
  • is open to the public and is ticketed;
  • requires full or partial closure of a road;
  • will involve erection of temporary structures or amusements;
  • will sell food will serve alcohol
  • is an organised one-off sporting activity;

 please complete the forms below:

Sample of a risk assessment for an event(PDF, 176KB)

For all forms that may be required to be completed if holding a larger event, please go to our Forms Library Events section.

Can I Conduct a Business on Public Land?

If you wish to conduct your business from public land you will need to enter into a licence agreement with Council.  Some examples when a licence is needed are Fitness Groups, Surf Schools, Stand-up Paddle Boards etc or any activity where you are deriving an income from the use of public space or assets. To assist staff when assessing your request it is recommended you supply as much information as possible on your proposed activities including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Type of activity
  • Foreshore area to be used as a base to set up / set down
  • Hours of operation
  • Days of operation
  • Qualifications
  • Level on public liability insurance
  • Class sizes
  • Are you in competition with another operator
  • Equipment used
  • Does the equipment have workcover / safety Certificates?

Can we hold a wedding in a public space?

The MidCoast is abundant with beautiful beaches, waterways, rivers, headlands, and rustic rural settings - perfect for outdoor wedding ceremonies.  We are happy for you to enjoy your special day in our beautiful outdoors, but there is a form to fill out, and a few things you need to consider:

  • you can’t hold your wedding reception in any public space;

  • public land is for everyone - we are unable to give you exclusive use of public spaces, so we request that you do not disturb other users of the facility;

  • and rice and confetti are not allowed on any reserve or beach - we need to keep the area beautiful!

  • There is a $100 application fee to use the park for weddings.

Complete our wedding and special ceremonies application form(PDF, 1MB).  We will also need the following additional information:

  • the approximate number of guests (so any parking issues can be sorted out).

  • tell us about any special items you will be bringing to the ceremony (such as carpet, seating, tables, arches, flowers, etc)

Can I place signage for my event?

In the Great Lakes and Gloucester, you can apply to erect signage as part as your application.

In the Manning, you may also apply to promote your event in the lead-up, by installing signage in selected roadside locations.  For information on locations, conditions and to make an application, complete the Community Event Signage application form(PDF, 1MB).

Can I hold a street stall?

Across the MidCoast, Council's Vibrant Spaces initiative aims to encourage vibrant street spaces. Visit the link to register to hold a stall for non-profit organisations.

Can I have a temporary food stall?

You will need to supply Council with a Notification of Temporary Food Stall Form(PDF, 1MB)

Completed forms should be submitted at a MidCoast Council office or emailed to council@midcoast.nsw.gov.au

Stall set-up and design must comply with NSW Guidelines for Temporary Food Events, and you will need to attach a drawn plan of the stall and specify how food products and preparation will be protected.

Any food handlers must have appropriate training skills and knowledge in food safety as required.


Regular markets are held across the MidCoast region, which are run by charity and community based organisations with net profits directed for their benefit.

To find markets in your locality and apply to attend them, please visit our Events Calendar and search 'markets'.

Do I need to apply to busk?

Across the MidCoast region, Council's Vibrant Spaces initiative outlines how to busk. 

Event Sponsorship

In the Manning

Applications for the sponsorship of local events happening in the 2017/18 financial year in the Manning region have closed. 

A review of event sponsorship for the entire MidCoast region will be undertaken.

We sponsor events that provide economic, social and cultural benefits to our community. We are proud to have supported some fantastic major events in the past including the Wingham Akoostik Festival, Old Bar Beach Festival and the Taree Aquatic Powerboat Club’s Easter Spectacular, as well as smaller community events.

If you feel that your event could benefit from this financial assistance, check back in 2018 to apply for next year's sponsorship.

In Gloucester and Great Lakes

Please contact us to discuss your proposed event.

Can I promote my event on Council's website?

Yes you can, as long as it fits within our Council event criteria.

The Events listing is produced to promote the many activities held within the MidCoast Council area. If your organisation has a one-off community event they wish to have considered for inclusion, please read the following guidelines and complete the online form below.

Eligible events

A community event is defined as a happening that brings people together to celebrate, raise funds and to enjoy. The event must be:

  • held within the MidCoast Council area
  • made available to the community in general, not just members of clubs etc.

Please note

  • Activities such as weekly club meetings, classes or courses will not be included.
  • Activities promoting or linked to political parties and private enterprise will not be included.
  • The contact person's name and telephone number will be published to allow the reader to gain further information.
  • Make sure that your event is at least 2 weeks away before submitting the form below. We cannot guarantee events will be uploaded at short notice.
  • Council has the right to determine which events will be listed.

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