Council to combat overcrowding issue at Jimmys Beach

Published on 05 July 2024

Jimmys Beach entry .jpg

MidCoast Council is addressing the overcrowding issue on Jimmy Beach by proposing some minor changes and they want residents’ feedback on the initiative.

With the steady increase of visitors to the area, Jimmys Beach can no longer safely or sustainably accommodate the increasing number of vehicles accessing this narrow part of the shoreline.

The large number of vehicles accessing the narrow shoreline of Jimmys Beach has led to an imbalance between general beach users and vehicles. This has led to safety concerns, environmental impacts as well as a perceived exploitation of the original intent of the restricted beach permit.

To combat the issue a report was presented to the Council meeting on Wednesday, 26 June that recommended restricted beach permits only be issued to holders of a Disability Parking Permit issued by Service NSW.

This means access to vehicles on Jimmys Beach will be restricted to people with a disability and professional fishermen only.

The proposed changes do not affect access to other beaches on the MidCoast. Hawks Nest residents and visitors will still have unrestricted access to Bennetts Beach by purchasing a 30 day or 12-month permit.

Current holders of restricted permits will maintain access until it expires.

To renew a restricted beach permit applicants will be required to have a Disability Parking Permit issued by Service NSW under the NSW Mobility Parking Scheme.

Rangers and Parking Officers will be on hand to monitor and manage beach use and access in line with the policy.

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