Future land use planning strategies

These documents set out our future direction on land use planning in the MidCoast.

The documents generally are medium-long term (10-20 years).

Local Strategic Planning Statement

This statement sets out a vision for land use planning across the MidCoast.

It outlines how we will be manage growth and change. It has a focus on liveability, environmental amenity and rural character. It reinforces the need to maintain and enhance the local identity of our towns and villages.

It also aligns with the direction and actions in the Hunter Regional Plan 2036. 

Local Strategic Planning Statement(PDF, 78MB)



Future planning strategies

Other strategies provide future direction for a specific area. The MidCoast Housing Strategy is one of these. These underpin changes to our Local Environmental Plan and Development Control Plan. 

Other plans provide a future vision and recommend planning controls for the area.

Our Urban Release Areas Report is a framework to consider rezoning land. We call these rezoning applications Planning Proposals.

The State Government has also prepared plans that apply to the MidCoast: