Your water and sewer charges

Water supply charges

Connected land

Land supplied with water from our water network is subject to a two-part charge, consisting of:

  • an annual water access charge, based on the size of the water meter
  • a usage charge, based on water consumed.

Unconnected land

An annual charge may apply to land within 225 metres of a water main. This applies whether the land is connected to our water network or not.

Sewerage charges

Connected land

An annual connection charge applies to properties that discharge sewer into our sewer network.

Unconnected land

An unconnected charge applies to land within 75 metres of our sewer network, whether it is connected or not.

Granny flats: Properties with granny flats that are not used as multiple occupancies can apply for re-classification as single residences. This may reduce sewer charges. To find out more, contact us on 1300 133 455.

Sewer volumetric charges

Sewer volumetric charges consist of two components - an access charge and a usage charge. These charges apply to:

  • motels, hotels
  • licenced clubs, restaurants
  • non-strata titled units, multiple occupancies
  • caravan parks
  • laundries, car wash facilities
  • preschools, schools
  • hospitals, nursing homes, medical centres
  • community swimming pools
  • shopping complexes
  • service stations, factories


Refer to our fees and charges for all our current charges.