Taree Waste Management Centre

Bucketts Way Landfill aerial view

Taree Waste Management Centre accepts most forms of waste not suitable for kerbside collection. JR Richards and Sons and their sub-contractors operate this waste facility.  

The Centre includes:

  • A licenced Landfill 
  • A Community Recycling Centre for problem waste
  • Reviva - 'Tip Shop'

The State Government Waste Levy requires a contribution for every tonne of waste we receive at the facility. 

Waste loads are weighed on entry, and again on exit, so that you can be charged accurately for the load you are disposing of.

Loads that are under 60kg will have a minimum charge and anything above 60kg will be weighed in and out to ensure that you only pay for what you bring to the landfill. 

  • Household recyclable materials can be dropped off free of charge
  • EPA approved problem waste like paint, batteries, electronic waste and scrap metal are recycled and can be dropped off for free. Click here for more information.
  • Green waste is mulched
  • The 'Tip Shop' receives useful items. A bargain can usually be found.
  • Mattresses are stripped and recycled. Refer to fees and charges for prices.

Please note: Household quantities of chemicals can be disposed of at a NSW EPA Chemical Clean Out event. Small quantities can be taken to a MidCoast Waste Management Centre for disposal for FREE.

Taree Waste Management Centre is a licenced Landfill for asbestos waste disposal. 

You are required to complete the application to dispose of asbestos and tyres form. The form must be completed and submitted a minimum of 24 hours before disposal.

Asbestos waste over 10m2 or 100kg or waste tyres in excess of 20 tyres or 200kg must also be tracked by QR2id codes by visiting wastelocate.epa.nsw.gov.au

Contact Council's Waste Management team on (02) 7955 7777 for any further inquiries.

Disposal fees cannot be altered or varied in any way. 

MidCoast Reviva Shop Opening Hours

Wednesday to Sunday - 9am to 3pm


Pollution Monitoring Data

 Environmental Protection Licence        6262
 Licensee   MidCoast Council
 Property address   6843 The Bucketts Way, Tinonee NSW
 Sample frequency   Quarterly
 Date sample taken   19 July 2022
 Date data obtained    29 July 2022
 Date published     10 August 2022
 EPA monitoring points   EPA ID #2, EPA ID #3, EPA ID #4, EPA ID #7  


* Public registers regarding licenses, monitoring data, audits, pollution studies, penalty notices and similar can be found on the EPA website


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