EG Trad Sportsfields - Old Bar


EG Trad Sports Fields comprises of the Eastern Football (Soccer) Field, Richard Crook Rugby Union field and the Chris Dempsey Cricket field.

Sports played here are cricket during summer and rugby union and football (soccer) during winter. This is the home ground for the Old Bar Clams Rugby Union Football Club and the Old Bar Barbarians Football Club.

Chris Dempsey Cricket Field combines the eastern and western football fields and has a turf cricket pitch.

The eastern football field has floodlighting, however it is only available on one side of the field and does not illuminate the whole field adequately for competition. 

Richard Crook Rugby Union Field has floodlighting as well as a shared amenities building with football (soccer).

Check our Sportsfield Closures page to see the current status of this facility.

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66 Bluehaven Drive, OLD BAR 2430  View Map

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