The Bight Cemetery Restoration Program

The damaged headstones and memorials at The Bight Cemetery Wingham have now been repaired. The repairs were finalised in May 2023.

The restoration program repaired 68 memorials damaged in July 2019. The damage was a result of an incorrectly implemented maintenance program.

The adopted Restoration Action Plan(PDF, 568KB) (July 2021) guided our restoration work.

The restoration was also guided by a Conservation Management Plan(PDF, 21MB). Independent heritage consultants Umwelt Pty Ltd developed this plan.

We worked with the interment right holder of each of the memorials to undertake the repairs.

We reported to Cemeteries & Crematoria NSW and the community each February, May, August and November on the progress of repairs. These reports can be found under the 'background' tab below. 

Details of the memorials repaired are available here(PDF, 94KB), along with a map of the repaired headstones here.(PDF, 3MB)  

The cemetery is home to the critically endangered yellow donkey-orchid. We carry out any work in the cemetery in line with our management plan for the site. We held a licence from the Office of Environment and Heritage for the repair work.

Interment right holders

We are the cemetery operator under the Cemeteries and Crematoria Act 2013 for The Bight Cemetery.

Any member of the public may request access to our records in respect of an interment and may apply to Council to:

(a)  record an interment right devolving to another person;

(b)  transfer an interment right to another person or to the Council as cemetery operator;

(c)  request a determination on whether a person/s is the holder of an interment right.

Applications can be made by completing the relevant form below: 

If you are not able to fill in one of the above forms, you may be able to apply to us for a determination on the interment right. 

This application is under Section 61(2) of the Cemeteries & Crematoria Act 2013.

To do this you will need to write to us and provide evidence on why you believe you are the holder of the interment right/s. 

The evidence to support such an application will depend on the circumstances.

In most instances, if a person dies with a valid will, you need a copy of the grant of probate.

In most instances, if a person dies without a valid will, a copy of the Letters of Administration is required.

These may be unnecessary (if assets of the estate are minimal), in which case, evidence could be:

  • a copy of the will; or
  • proof of relationship to the deceased and a letter from a solicitor.

Flowcharts in Annexures C and D of the Restoration Action Plan outline the process.

Sometimes none of this information may be available due to the age of the monument. If this is the case, the letter should state your relationship to the person interred and any documents that prove this relationship.

If we are satisfied an interment right has devolved to the applicant, we will amend the register and issue a certificate to the applicant.


We apologise for the actions that damaged headstones at The Bight Cemetery. We have also made an apology to families from the Office of the Mayor:

We have reported progress on the restoration to the elected Council on the following occasions:

Community identified outcomes

We are undertaking many actions to address the community's desired outcomes. A community meeting in August 2019 identified these outcomes.

Council's ordinary meeting of 11 September 2019 endorsed the actions shown in the document below:

Community Outcomes(PDF, 262KB)