Planning Rules

To ensure growth is managed well alongside prepared various plans and policies, to guide and assess development proposals. While some of these policies contain controls adopted by Council, other State policies also apply to certain land which Council must consider in its assessment of development applications.

Planning Proposals and DCP Amendments

Manning Region Great Lakes Region Gloucester Region

LEP - Local Environmental Plan

The LEP sets out the zoning of land and specific criteria for what development is allowed in each zone. You need to read the text and look at the maps to know what you can do on your land.

You can view copies of our LEP's and the LEP maps on the NSW Legislation website for each region by following the links below.

DCP - Development Control Plan

While our Local Environmental Plan (LEP) tells you what you can and can't do on your land, our Development Control Plan (DCP) guides what you do on your land.

The DCP helps to make sure development is consistent, sustainable and meets the community's expectations.

Individual parts of the various DCP's will assist you while you are planning your development.

DCP - Great Lakes Region

DCP - Gloucester Region

DCP - Manning Region


State Environmental Planning Policies

State Environmental Planning Policies (SEPPs) are rules that cover development and environmental planning issues across New South Wales. A SEPP may override our Local Environmental Plan (LEP) and Development Control Plan (DCP).

NSW Planning & Environment provides an outline of all SEPPs. The SEPPs currently relevant to our local government area include:


This SEPP includes information on secondary dwellings (granny flats).

Further information is available on the BASIX website.