Bins and Waste

Kerbside waste collections

If you're looking for information about your kerbside bin collection, you're in the right place. And while you're here, have a browse through the tabs below to find out more about waste management in the MidCoast region. It's all about reducing the amount of waste ending up in our landfills, and with just a little effort everyone can help.

What day is my collection?
Enter your street name here to find out what day of the week your bins are collected, or call us on 1300 290 763
Make a note of whether you're a Week A or Week B household.

When does my recycling bin go out?
Download your 2021 collection calendar, and keep it on the fridge. It tells you which week is a 'recycling week' in your street. You'll need to first know if you're a Week A or Week B household (see above). You'll also find a list of 'what goes where' and other helpful hints and tips on the back of your calendar.

My bin wasn't collected
or My bin is broken
Call our team on 1300 290 763

I need bins for my new property
Call our customer service centre on 7955 7777

What goes where?
Use our handy A-Z listing to find out what items can be placed out for recycling in your yellow bin, what goes in your green organics bin, and what should be placed in the red general waste bin.

Waste clean-up after bushfire

All waste collection services are back to normal.

Disposal of sorted metal refuse such as fire affected buildings or cars can be disposed of for free at our waste facilities.

The NSW Government has waived waste levy fees for residents disposing of bushfire-generated waste. This includes building materials (even asbestos) and furniture. These items can be taken to our waste facilities, but will still be subject to reduced fees.

Members of the community who have a fire damaged house or building that needs to be disposed of, should first speak to their insurer. If the property is uninsured, you should contact the Public Works Advisory on 1800 88 55 39 to discuss clean-up. You can also call the Disaster Welfare Assistance Line on 1800 018 444.

For more information about bushfire recovery and available assistance go here.