Bulky waste collection

Please note: Our Community Recycling and Waste Management Centres are currently unable to take household problem waste due to a statewide disruption caused by the major fires at Cleanaway’s processing facility for problem wastes in St Marys, Sydney.
The NSW EPA has reported that repairs to the facility are likely to take a couple of months. 
We are asking customers to store household problem waste in a safe place until services can recommence.
We will continue to keep you updated. Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

Find out what problem waste currently cannot be collected during the 2022 bulky waste clean up.

The annual bulky waste and scrap metal clean-up is a free annual service for all MidCoast residents who currently receive a domestic waste and recycling collection service, and is a great way to dispose of unwanted household items.

2022 Bulky Waste collection zones and dates are listed below.

Please only place your waste out two days prior to your zone’s scheduled pick-up - any earlier and it will be considered illegal dumping and could result in a fine.


The collection covers two types of waste, to be presented neatly in two separate piles:

  • Scrap metal - all scrap metal collected will be recycled.
  • A separate pile is for general bulky waste - everything you place in this general waste pile will be sent to landfill, so if an item can be re-used by someone else, try finding it a new home instead.

See below for more information on items that will, and won't be collected as part of the bulky waste collection and for guidelines on preparing your waste to avoid being fined.

Items that will be collected

Your total pile must be no larger than two cubic metres, and presented neatly on the kerb separated as follows:

Scrap metal and white goods (all metal items will be recycled):

  • Fridges* and washing machines*
  • Microwaves*
  • Metal push lawn mowers and wheelbarrows
  • Empty paint tins (lids removed)
  • Stoves
  • Clothes dryers*
  • Barbecues
  • Pushbikes
  • Hot water systems (less than 260 litres)
  • Metal furniture

* Doors must be removed from household appliances and whitegoods, and individual items must not exceed 30kg in weight

General bulky waste and eWaste

(all general bulky waste will be landfilled, so please try rehoming any re-usable items instead)

  • Eskies
  • Furniture / chairs
  • Bric-a-brac
  • Lounges (that comply with size limit)
  • Floor coverings
  • Vacuum cleaners and small appliances
  • Pottery and ceramics
  • Tables Foam mattresses (no springs)
  • e-Waste such as computers, TVs, VCRs, stereos, copiers, faxes and mobile phones

Items that will not be collected

Please do not place any of the following items out with your piles of waste for collection - one unacceptable item in your pile may mean the entire pile is rejected.

  • Wire-spring mattresses and bed bases (however, 2 wire spring mattresses or 1 mattress and bed base - per household - can be dropped off for free at your nearest Waste Management Centre during the clean-up period in your region)
  • Oil heaters
  • Commercial, trade, industrial or shop waste, eg plumbing fixtures, water tanks and tiling
  • Tyres, wrecked motor vehicles, motor vehicle parts and engines
  • Building and demolition materials, concrete, bricks and panes of glass
  • Household hazardous waste, eg paint, spray paint, asbestos, solvents, chemicals, cleaners and unwanted medicines
  • Lengths of material longer than 1.8m (excluding lounges etc)
  • Small machinery containing fuel or oil
  • Liquids of any sort including fuel and oil
  • Batteries and gas bottles
  • Recyclables collected in the yellow lidded bin, household garbage, and food scraps
  • Garden organics, timber, grass clippings, soil and stones
  • Treated timber, tree stumps and heavy branches
  • Hot water systems larger than 260 litres
  • Glass, windows or sliding doors that contain glass
  • Fencing wire

Please note - Waste items that are not accepted in the bulky waste clean-up can be disposed of at your local waste management facility (fees may apply).

Free all year round: Household quantities of paint, oil, gas bottles, batteries, smoke detectors, fluoro globes, electronic waste and fire extinguishers can be disposed of for free at your local CRC at any time.

Check here to find your closest waste management facility and its hours of operation.

Guidelines for preparing your waste

Before you start putting items out for collection, please note the following:

Can it be re-used? All general waste we collect during the clean-up is buried in our landfills so if anything is suitable for re-use please try to find it a new home. Think about your neighbours and friends, or try an online service such as Gumtree or Buy Swap and Sell.

Is it sorted? Your waste must be separated into two separate piles - one for scrap metal and whitegoods, and one for general waste

Will it fit into a trailer? Your total load (ie both piles) must fit into a standard (7’x4’) level box trailer (2 cubic metres)... if not, it won’t be picked up

Is it manageable? Individual items must not exceed 30kg

Is it secure? To avoid windblown littering, loose items must be tied securely into bundles with rope or string (not wire), or contained in sturdy boxes (no plastic bags)

Is it in the way? Your waste must be placed neatly on the kerb or roadside where your bins are normally collected, and should not obstruct the footpath or roadway

Is it on time? Make sure your waste is out on the dates specified for your zone, as our trucks will not return at a later date to collect it - refer to the schedule to determine when yours should go out

Is it illegal? Don’t put your waste out earlier than shown on the schedule – this will be considered illegal dumping and you could be fined. And don't leave items out after the collection has finished in your zone - our contractor has the right to reject any material they consider unacceptable, and it is your responsibility to remove them within 24 hours (penalties apply)

What is accepted? See the above tabs for an outline of what will be accepted and what will not. Contractors will not sort through your piles, so one unacceptable item may mean your entire pile is not collected.

Need more info? Call our Customer Service Team on 1300 290 763.

2022 Bulky Waste collection dates

MidCoast Council’s bulky waste collection service is broken up into three regions and generally aligns with the former Local Government Areas of Manning, Gloucester and Great Lakes.

Download Manning Region 2022 Bulky Waste Collection brochure(PDF, 656KB)

Download Gloucester Region 2022 Bulky Waste Collection brochure(PDF, 735KB)

Download Great Lakes Region 2022 Bulky Waste Collection brochure(PDF, 736KB)

View the map below for collection dates in your area

The Bulky Waste Collection map is available to view in the online mapping tool below. 

Bulky Waste Collection Zones Map

To find out when is your Bulky Waste collection date, use the online mapping tool to search the address of your property by following the instructions below:

  • Select the 'I Agree' checkbox and click on the 'Start IntraMaps' button in the pop-up window
  • Select the 'Bulky Waste Zones' checkbox on the left hand side 'Layers' menu
  • If you would like to search for a specific address, click on 'Address' button located next the magnifying glass icon in the toolbar located at the bottom of the webpage, and enter your address.

The example map below demonstrates the different zones in the Bulky Waste Collection service. 


BW GIS zones.JPG

When can I put my waste out?

Expand the accordions below to find out your 2022 Bulky Waste collection date in your area. You can also download a hard copy brochure.

Manning Region

Zone 1: Saturday 26 - Sunday 27 February  (for collection 28 February - 8 March)

Hallidays Point, Diamond Beach, Black Head, Red Head, The Lakes Way to Pacific Hwy including Rainbow Flat, Chelmsbrook Estate, Koorainghat, Half Chain Road (Southern side of creek to Godfrey Hill Road), Possum Brush, former Greater Taree City Council residents of Nabiac, Wang Wauk, Bunyah, Dyers Crossing, The Bucketts Way to the boundary at Belbora.


Zone 2: Monday 7 - Tuesday 8 March (for collection 9 - 16 March)

Old Bar, Wallabi Point, Bohnock, Oxley & Mitchells Island, Manning Point, Glenthorne, Pampoolah, Half Chain Road (Northern side of creek to Old Bar Road), Purfleet, Forest Downs Estate, Tinonee, Tinonee Road to Bight Bridge, Mondrook, Bootawa, Bull Hill Road, Killawarra, Kimbriki, Burrell Creek, Dollys Flat, Karaak Flat, Mt George area up Nowendoc Road to Rocks Crossing Reserve and side roads.

Zone 3: Tuesday 15 - Wednesday 16 March (for collection 17 - 24 March)

Harrington, Crowdy Head, Moorland, Johns River, Hannam Vale, Waitui, Coopernook, Moto, Croki, Jones Island, Langley Vale, Lansdowne, Upper Lansdowne, Yarratt Road, Lansdowne Rd including Melinga, Oakvale Road, Clovernook Estate, Kundle Kundle and Brimbin Road to Taree Airport.

Zone 4: Wednesday 23 - Thursday 24 March (for collection 25 - 31 March)

All of Cundletown Village, Dumaresq Island, Chatham (eastern side of railway line between racecourse and Browns Creek underpass and from the underpass to Crescent Ave).

Zone 5: Wednesday 30 - Thursday 31 March (for collection 1 - 11 April)

Taree North to Wingham Road (western side of railway line between the Racecourse and Browns Creek underpass and from the underpass to Victoria Street), Taree, Taree Estate, Taree West, Wingham Road to Bushland Drive and Bushland Estate.

Zone 6: Sunday 10 - Monday 11 April (for collection 12 - 22 April)

Kolodong District, Wingham Road from Bushland Drive to Wingham, Woola Road, Cedar Party Road full length and estates, Youngs Road, Wingham township, Comboyne Road to Killabakh, Strathcedar, Mooral Creek, Bulga Road from Wingham to Bobin, Marlee, Wherrol Flat, Caparra and Elands.

Download Manning Region 2022 Bulky Waste Collection brochure(PDF, 656KB)

Gloucester Region

Zone 1: Saturday 30 April – Sunday 1 May (for collection 2 – 6 May 2022)

Gloucester, Barrington, Craven, Stratford, Bowman Farm, Copeland, Rookhurst, Waukivory and all areas in the Former Gloucester Shire Council region. 

Download Gloucester Region 2022 Bulky Waste Collection brochure(PDF, 735KB)

Great Lakes Region

Zone 1: Saturday 7 - Sunday 8 May

(for collection 9 - 17 May)

All of Forster.

Zone 2: Monday 16 - Tuesday 17 May (for collection 18 - 24 May)

All of Tuncurry and Failford to the Pacific Highway and the boundary with the former Manning region.

Zone 3: Monday 23 – Tuesday 24 May (for collection 25 May  – 1 June)

Green Point, Pacific Palms, Coomba Park and Smiths Lake including all households in this area receiving waste services on Tuesdays each week


Zone 4: Tuesday 31 May - Wednesday 1 June (for collection 2 – 9 June)

Nabiac, Bunyah (Great Lakes region only), Wootton, Seal Rocks, Bungwahl and all households in this area with Wednesday waste services. Also Bulahdelah and all households in this area receiving a Monday waste service.


Zone 5: Wednesday 8 - Thursday 9 June (for collection 10 - 17 June)

Nerong to North of the bridge into Karuah, Pindimar, Tea Gardens and Hawks Nest including all households in this area receiving waste services Monday to Thursday.


Zone 6: Saturday 18 – Sunday 19 June (for collection 20 - 24 June)

The Bucketts Way, Booral Roadd, Stroud and Wards River including all households in this area with Friday waste services.

Download Great Lakes Region 2022 Bulky Waste Collection brochure(PDF, 736KB)