Audit, Risk and Improvement Committee

What does this committee do?

The objective of the committee is to provide independent assurance, oversight and assistance to Council on risk management, control, governance, internal audits, organisational performance and external responsibilities in an advisory capacity.

The responsibilities of the committee will include, but not be limited to, keeping under review the following aspects of Council’s operations:

• Compliance

• Risk management

• Fraud control

• Financial management

• Governance

• Implementation of the strategic plan, delivery program and strategies

• Service reviews

• Collection of performance measurement data by the Council, and

• Any other matter prescribed by the regulations

As part of this objective, the Committee will ensure that there are adequate and effective systems of internal control in place throughout Council and will assist in the implementation of the internal and external audit plans. The committee is also to provide information to the Council for the purpose of improving the Council’s performance of its functions.

The Committee’s role is to review aspects of Council’s operation and provide advice and guidance to Council for the purpose of improving the performance of its functions.

Minutes of the Committee are to be reported quarterly to Council.

On an annual basis the Chair will provide a consolidated Audit, Risk and Improvement Annual Report to Council along with a Two Year Audit Plan.

Committee Membership

The Committee membership (voting) comprises two elected Councillors and three independent external members, one of whom is the Chairperson.

The members of the Committee are:

Stephen Coates (Chair)

Donna Rygate

Peter McLean

Cr Keegan

Cr Pontin

The General Manager and other staff participate in Committee meetings as required.

Committee meetings

The Committee shall meet at least four times per year (quarterly), with the standard duration for a meeting being three hours. If necessary, an additional meeting will be held to review and endorse the annual audited financial reports and external audit opinion. Preparation will involve review and critical analysis of the agenda pack.


All enquiries or requests for information should be directed to Rob Griffiths, Manager Governance on 0427 062 593 or email


Supporting documentation 

Audit Risk and Improvement Committee Charter(PDF, 258KB)

MidCoast Committees Guidelines(PDF, 338KB)