MidCoast Stories

MidCoast Stories is an exciting initiative developed by volunteers Janine Roberts and Penny Teerman who have a passion for heritage in the MidCoast.

They received NSW Government funding to develop the MidCoast Stories website; a collection of stories and local resources that preserve and promote our region’s unique history.

The stories are intentionally short, factual and often quirky, describing the people, places and events that have influenced our region.

Everyone has a story to tell and they are encouraged to write and research interesting stories about the MidCoast. Being locational based, people can use the map on this website as a heritage tour; walking the streets and reading stories from the past.

Their work was recognised with a National Trust Heritage Publication award in 2019.

Council has worked in partnership with MidCoast Stories to promote this exciting initiative.

MidCoast Stories provided an excellent platform to access rates book data transcribed by volunteers from the Manning Region.

If you want to know more about the history of your property visit the MidCoast Stories website to find out more.