Food poisoning complaints

If you have a complaint about a food poisoning incident contact us or use our online report and request form. It will help us investigate your complaint if you can answer the following questions:

  1. What is the name of the restaurant, function or event where you believe you ate the contaminated food?
  2. Where is this restaurant, function or event? 
  3. How many people have become ill?  
  4. What were their symptoms when they became ill?
  5. When did they become ill?  
  6. What did they eat during the suspected meal? Ensure you provide details of all food including dips and sauces.
  7. Is there any left over food that we can test?  
  8. Has anyone that became ill seen a doctor?  
  9. If so, does the doctor have a pathology report from a stool sample?

For further information see Food poisoning on the NSW Food Authority's web site.

General food safety complaints

We also investigate general complaints about food businesses. For example:

  • foreign matter in food
  • dirty premises
  • poor hygiene practices 

Please contact usor use ouronline report and request form.