Spot Joe Rider to win

Published on 07 October 2022


October is Motorcycle Awareness Month and you can spot ‘Joe Rider’ to win prizes 17 – 21 October.  

Between Monday 17 October and Friday 21 October, look out for motorcycle riders wearing the bright yellow ‘I am Joe Rider’ vests. Remember what road, suburb and time you spotted ‘Joe’.  Pull over if it is safe to do so or complete your journey, then register your sighting on Council’s website at

There’ll be $50 #ShopMidCoast vouchers given away daily and a grand prize of a $250 #ShopMidCoast voucher at the end of the week.

“It’s important to look out for motorcycles as they are smaller than most vehicles and might be in a blind spot,” said MidCoast Council’s Road Safety Officer, Chris Dimarco.

“Our aim is to encourage drivers to look out for motorcycles, especially at roundabouts and intersections.”

“We want to reduce SMIDSY – ‘Sorry mate I didn’t see you’.”

“Motorcycle riders are more exposed than other vehicles, so in a crash they risk serious injury or death,” explained Chris.

“That’s why we’re encouraging everyone to improve motorcycle awareness and help motorcyclists Ride to Live.”

Road Safety Officers from MidCoast, Singleton, Upper Hunter, Muswellbrook, Port Stephens, Maitland, Cessnock and Port Macquarie-Hastings Councils work together to conduct the Joe Rider campaign, with support from Transport for NSW.

The Joe Rider motorcycle awareness campaign was originally developed by the Motorcycle Riders Association of the ACT.