Council working with developer for community outcome

Published on 01 December 2023


MidCoast Council is working with the developers of a proposed Cancer Centre in Cornwall Street, Taree to see the project brought to fruition.

Contrary to some recent public comments, Mr De Szell explained that Council has been actively working with the developers throughout the development assessment process.

“We do recognise the importance of the development to cancer patients in the MidCoast, however Councils have a responsibility to implement planning requirements vested in the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 and as such we have had to work through a process with the applicant,” he said.

“This type of medical facility will be hugely beneficial to our region and that’s why we have been working very closely with everyone.

“Throughout November staff have met with the developer on several occasions to work through planning issues in order to get to an outcome that can be recommended to the Joint Regional Planning Panel.”

Given the nature of the development and the investment level, the approval body for the development is not Council, rather it is the Hunter and Central Coast Joint Regional Planning Panel, a function of the NSW Department of Planning.

It is expected that revised plans will go to the Joint Regional Planning Panel early in 2024.

CEO of Cancer Care Associates Jeff Hunter, the applicants for the development echoed Mr De Szell’s sentiments and thanked Council for their work so far.

“The Hunter and Central Coast Regional Planning Panel raised concern about parking provisions in the public meeting held on 11 October 2023,” he explained.

“We have subsequently addressed these concerns, and we thank the MidCoast Council planning team for their input and guidance.

“We look forward to our anticipated opening in late 2024 and to being able to provide the Manning Great Lakes community with a world-class-service, utilising state-of-the-art equipment.”