Construction to begin at Harrington Sewer Pump Station 09

Published on 01 June 2023

Odour control unit diagram.jpg

Work will begin on Monday 5 June to improve the performance of Harrington Sewer Pump Station 09.

Contractors working for MidCoast Council will install a new odour control unit next to the existing pump station building on Faith Court.

The work will take place between 7am and 5pm Monday to Friday and is expected to be completed by mid-October.

Council’s Director of Infrastructure and Engineering Services, Rob Scott, said it was an important project that would improve the performance of the pump station and accommodate growth in the area.

“Due to an increase in population, the existing odour control system at the site has reached capacity in terms of the volume of sewage it can process,” said Mr Scott.

“This new unit has been identified as the most effective way to process the sewage coming into the pump station and will use a sophisticated two-stage process to filter out odours.”

Mr Scott said the project had been designed to cause minimal disruption to residents during construction.

“The project will be completed in two stages,” said Mr Scott.

“First, a concrete slab will be built and then the prefabricated odour control unit will be installed.

“The unit is being constructed offsite so we can install it quickly and efficiently, rather than having to build it onsite, which would prolong the project and be more disruptive to residents.”

Mr Scott said there would still be some construction noise and heavy vehicles would occasionally need to access the site via Faith Court.

However, he said traffic control would not be required and residents would be able to access their properties at all times.

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