Scaffold removal from Martin Bridge

Published on 08 August 2022

Endeavour boat ramp.png

Work to remove scaffolding from Martin Bridge Taree will take place from the Endeavour Place boat ramp and car park in August.

Transport for NSW and construction partner, Eptec, are continuing work on the Martin Bridge repainting and maintenance project.

From Monday 15 August, the middle sections of scaffolding will be removed from the bride via barge. The work is expected to be complete in four weeks, weather permitting.

The boat ramp will be closed to the public for short periods over some days of the operation.

There will be enough space for boat users to launch and park whilst the works take place.

Approximately half of the carpark will be fenced off to use as a loading zone.

A crane will be used within the loading zone for barge assembly and lifting scaffold equipment.

A pontoon barge will be used to ferry scaffold and equipment between the bridge and the boat ramp. It will then be loaded onto a truck for transport off site. 

Signage will be in place to safely direct pedestrians around the site for the duration of the works.