Community Resilience and Disaster Recovery Reference Group

Multiple disasters (Drought, Fire, Flood, COVID-19) have impacted the MidCoast Community in recent years. In response, Council has identified the need to develop a broad reference group to work with the community in relation to Resilience and Disaster Recovery. This reference group would undertake similar work to and would replace the Community Recovery Bushfire Reference Group.

The new Community Resilience and Disaster Recovery Reference Group would cover the entire Local Government Area and would work with community members to increase resilience in relation to all potential disasters.

The Reference Group reflects the value that Council places on our unique, diverse and culturally rich communities as well as our connected community across the MidCoast. 


Reference Group members

Councillor representatives

Cr P Epov (Chair)

Cr P Sandilands

Cr D Smith (alternate) 

Community representatives

Jessica Corkill

Sandra Bourke

Mark Johnson

Jenny Brewer

Daniel Trudgeon

Alastair Breingan

Greg Hale

Margy Hilder

Steve Prohm

Karen Anderson

John Green

Trypheyna McShane

Maria Frazer

Maria Quintero

Mark Redding