Apprentices, Trainees and Graduates


Apprentice and Trainees 

Combining your studies with on-the-job training is the perfect way to kick-start your career.

MidCoast Council’s Apprenticeship and Trainee program, available to people of all ages, is a great way to earn a nationally recognised qualification. 

You’ll learn from experienced supervisors, have your study expenses paid, and earn a competitive salary. 

And all the while, it’s the perfect way for us to ensure our workforce remains highly skilled and can meet our needs into the future.

Other benefits include:

  • Support for ongoing personal and professional development
  • Progressive local government environment
  • Great lifestyle in the beautiful MidCoast Region


As a Graduate with MidCoast Council, you will have access to:

  • A planned and managed program across multiple divisions
  • Coaching and mentoring from skilled professionals
  • A career pathway to map future training and potential opportunities
  • A supportive learning environment ensuring exposure to a diverse range of projects and skills

Current Apprentice, Trainee & Graduate Opportunities

Apprenticeships are available in:

  • Heavy Vehicle Mechanic
  • Electrician
  • Fitter Technician
  • Parks & Gardens

Traineeships are available in:

  • Administration Support
  • Civil Construction Design
  • Support Workers (Ageing/Disability)
  • Water & Sewer Operators
  • Weed Biosecurity Officer

Graduates are available in:

  • Chemist
  • Planners

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