School Smart Meter Program

Our school smart meter program is a trial program that aims to promote water resilient thinking in schools through the use of smart meters. A smart meter is a simple logger that transmits water usage data to a digital interface and can be easily fitted to an existing water meter without the need for additional plumbing.

Our program provides an excellent opportunity for STEM and environmental science students to understand their school’s water flow trends and usage. With access to a web platform that captures up-to-date water flow data, students and teachers have the ability to monitor and analyse water use behaviour within the school and then formulate and implement strategies to improve this behaviour. There are a range of projects and initiatives that can be designed around the technology and our Water Resilience Officer is available to work with schools to tailor these projects individually.

On a practical level, smart meters can also serve as an effective tool for schools to reduce their water use and avoid costly leaks and wastage. The device can be set up to provide alerts to a school’s administration whenever any abnormal flow levels are detected.

Beyond the excellent teaching-learning opportunity our school smart meter program offers, it also promotes a deeper engagement with water resilient thinking in the MidCoast community. There are more than 10,000 students enrolled in primary and secondary schools across the local government area and engaging them as champions of resilience will help spread the messages of water-saving, behavioural change and the urban water cycle to a broader audience. These students can be drivers of change in thinking about our water future.

If your school is interested in the program or you would like to find out more, please contact our Water Resilience Officer, Nirmal Joy, at or on 0409 008 703.