Septic systems

Properties that aren’t connected to our sewer network need to use a septic system.

We have an ongoing inspection program to make sure these systems are working correctly and don’t pose a risk to public health or the environment. We generally monitor systems in high risk areas, such as near waterways, more frequently than in low risk areas.

What does it cost?

We charge an annual fee for all septic systems. This fee is included in the annual property rates notice. The current fee can be viewed in our Fees & Charges

Pumping out your system

Pump outs are usually required every four to six weeks. However, the exact timeframe will depend on the size of your system and how much water is being used.

All contractors who pump out septic systems must be licensed by Council. They must also provide us with records of the jobs they carry out. This allows us to make sure the systems are being maintained regularly.

Call us on (02) 7955 7777 if you need help finding a licensed contractor.

Customers should contact us if any of the following occur:

  • Offensive odours (like the smell of rotten eggs)
  • Liquid pooling in the disposal area
  • Your toilets or drains are clearing too slowly
  • Too much water is going into your system
  • Solvent, oil, paint, pesticide or bleach has gone into your system.

To find out about installing a new septic system and getting approval to operate it, please refer to our Plan & Build On-site Sewage Management page.