#ShopMidCoast Gift Cards are here!

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Partnering with Why Leave Town Promotions, we're proud to introduce you to the #ShopMidCoast Gift Card, an opportunity for local business to band together and provide customers with gift cards dedicated to the MidCoast region.

The cards help keep money within our community, stimulate the local economy helping to retain and grow local employment, and build and share pride for our area.

In April, we hit a milestone with over $100,000 loaded onto #ShopMidCoast Gift Cards! That's money staying local, and helping to provide local jobs! Check out this video on how Gloucester businesses are benefiting from the cards:

With a vast and exciting array of local shopping opportunities across our region, the power of one single gift card dedicated to the MidCoast provides local small business with valuable leverage in the retail marketplace.

What's in it for our customers? 

Our number one priority is our customers. Benefits for MidCoast shoppers are:

Keeping it local

All money stays within the MidCoast region. The gift cards are purchased in the area and can only be redeemed at participating stores in the area. By using the cards, MidCoast shoppers are supporting jobs in their communities and investing in their local economy.

One card, endless possibilities

Having a great variety of businesses as part of the network means you can give someone a gift and they can buy anything they want! People can use it to go treat themselves or just take care of the essential items.

The easy way to shop

You can do all your gift shopping in one place. You don’t have to think about what to buy someone. It’s more thoughtful than cash only gifts. 

Check out participating businesses here

Purchase your card from a participating business above, or buy it online here

What's in it for business?

It’s free

All business set up costs will be covered by MidCoast Council.

It’s easy to be involved

Once businesses are set up in the program, the gift cards operate like any other eftpos card.

Local support

Fully trained local council staff will be on hand to support businesses to participate.  A 24/7 support hotline through Why Leave Town promotions is also available. 

Businesses, join the #ShopMidCoast program today:

1. Register here

2. Make sure your business is listed on our #ShopMidCoast online business directory, as the gift card system will link to that resource too!