MidCoast businesses need to Get Ready too

Published on 04 November 2020


Following last month’s campaign to ensure every MidCoast household has a bushfire survival plan, MidCoast Council is now urging local businesses to Get Ready for emergencies too.

Being prepared can improve recovery; it can mean the difference between your business re-opening quickly after an event or remaining closed.

Commissioner of Resilience NSW, Shane Fitzsimmons says “this year alone has been one of unparalleled emergencies. Communities across NSW were first impacted by drought, bushfire, then storm and flood, now pandemic - and all in quick succession. This has highlighted how important it is to be prepared for all hazards.”

MidCoast Council Mayor David West says that MidCoast businesses have experienced all of these disruptions, and preparing for disruption is simply good business.

“The good news is that it’s never been easier. Get Ready Business has been specially designed to help NSW business owners prepare for emergencies and disasters in five simple steps – just like the household bushfire survival plans,” said the Mayor.

MidCoast businesses can prepare for emergencies and disasters by downloading the free Get Ready Business toolkit from Resilience NSW.

The toolkit helps a business prepare for emergency, and may make all the difference in recovering quickly – even if power, telecommunications and transport routes are cut.

Resilience NSW has also prepared a recovery guide for business – a handy guide to help get business up and running after disasters.

“With many local tourism businesses offering hospitality and accommodation services, having an emergency plan is a responsibility to ensure the safety of your guests during an emergency.

Visit midcoast.nsw.gov.au/getready and check the Get Ready business tab to access all of these resources and ensure your business and your employees Get Ready for emergencies.

“Our emergency service organisations do an incredible job keeping us safe, but they can only do so much. Being aware and prepared is everyone’s responsibility.”

If you are recovering from last year’s bushfires, please visit the link above or call 7955 7777. If reminders of the bushfires are causing issues for you, please call the Mental Healthline on 1800 011 511.