Help NSW Health stop the spread

Published on 18 September 2020


MidCoast residents and business can help stop the spread of COVID-19 by using Service NSW’s new Safe Check-in QR code.

Registering your details when you visit some businesses is a COVID-19 requirement and is vital in stopping the spread of COVID-19. Checking in allows NSW Health to contact you quickly to ensure outbreaks are contained.

Now there's a new COVID Safe Check-in feature on the Service NSW app which automatically checks you in using data Service NSW already has – whether via our drivers licences or any other NSW Government service.

Simply download the Service NSW app on your phone - you might already have it there with your driver's licence. 

Then look out for businesses that are displaying a Service NSW Safe Check-in QR code. When you scan, you won't even need to enter your details.

The check-in automatically records the date, time and location, and stores these details securely on a NSW Government database for the sole purpose of COVID-19 contact tracing. After 28 days, the data is destroyed.

The new app is convenient for customers, and also provides a big benefit for businesses.

“It takes away much of the work required for mandatory record keeping – when your customers register via the COVID Safe check in, they’ve satisfied the COVID-19 check-in requirements,” said Robyn Brennan, Economic Development Coordinator.

Businesses can register and receive their QR code at

By downloading the Service NSW app on your phone, and by participating as a COVID-safe business, we will be keeping our community safer, especially with busy holiday periods approaching.