Backing a winner with #ShopMidCoast gift cards

Published on 13 October 2021

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When you purchase a #ShopMidCoast Gift Card to support local businesses and local jobs, you’re also backing a winner!

Last week, Why Leave Town, the organisation behind regional shop local cards including the #ShopMidCoast gift card, won the NSW Resilient Australia Business Award for 2021.

Why Leave Town director and co-founder Ashley Watt said “from humble beginnings in our hometown of Narrabri in 2010, where we had 30 participating businesses, and about $20,000 loaded in the first twelve months, the program has now grown to over 70 gift card partners Australia-wide.

“We have over 5,000 participating businesses in our network, reaching over 150 postcodes. As of last month, we surpassed $12 million in loaded cards. The great news is all of this money has to be spent with local businesses. And these figures are growing daily.”

“MidCoast Council congratulates Why Leave Town on winning this well-deserved award,” said Council’s Manager Growth, Economic Development and Tourism, Deb Tuckerman.

“In just over 12 months the MidCoast has grown to be one of the largest programs forBacking a winner with #Shop MidCoast gift cards WLT, with more than $121,000 loaded onto #ShopMidCoast Cards.

“So far, the direct impact of a stimulus of $121,000 is estimated at $218,000 for the MidCoast economy.”

John Stevens, President of the MidCoast Business Chamber said “the Shop MidCoast Card represents everything that’s good about MidCoast business. Our region is strong and diverse and so are our businesses and the card is a symbol of that united strength.

“By using the card consumers show local businesses that they’re committed to our community, that they value their excellence and that they believe - like us - that we’re all stronger when we work together.”

The #ShopMidCoast gift card has the benefit of no other gift card – it can be used at multiple venues multiple times until the money runs out and has a three year expiry.

Deb Tuckerman said “After just one year of promoting the program, we have nearly 300 MidCoast businesses where you can spend your gift card.” 

A #Shop MidCoast gift card is the perfect gift, and it keeps on giving – providing MidCoast locals with jobs and keeping our local economy strong.

The stay at home orders have been hard on us all and especially local business. If you have a #ShopMidCoast card in your wallet, spend it NOW to give local businesses a boost and support local jobs! 

Visit for more information for businesses and customers to support local and #ShopMidCoast.