Rate Harmonisation

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The new MidCoast-wide rates structure is effective from 1 July 2021.

As required by legislation, we have aligned our three former rating systems into a single, consistent structure that applies across the entire MidCoast Council region. The aim of rate harmonisation is to distribute the rates burden more equitably across the region. Changes to the value of general rates applied to your property, if any, are reflected in your 2021/22 annual rate notice.

What else has changed? Services such as waste management and stormwater management attract an annual charge and up until now, the cost of providing these services has varied across the region. For consistency and equity, charges have been aligned from 1 July 2021.

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Harmonisation of property rates

The new region-wide rating structure is reflected in the annual property rate notices issued in July 2021.

  • Harmonising our rating structure has not impacted the amount of rates we can collect. This is regulated by the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART) and is capped year-on-year through an annual rate peg. In 2021/22 the rate peg has been set at 2%.
  • The impact of rate harmonisation, whether it’s an increase or decrease, will be phased in over the next four years for most property-owners. This means the increase or decrease will be introduced in four approximately even parts, in addition to the annual rate peg amount.
  • Where rate harmonisation has resulted in no impact, rate-payers will only see the annual rate peg applied each year.

Personalised appointment

If you would like to understand more about the changes to your rating category or sub-category and how this impacts your rates, you can arrange a 'call-back' phone appointment with a member of our rating team. To register, call 02 7955 7777, providing your name, Property ID, contact phone number and preferred call-back time.

Background information

For the MidCoast, applying a standard ‘one-size-fits-all’ rating structure is not equitable given the size of our region, and the significant variations in land use, property size and land values. For this reason, we adjusted our model and reworked our residential sub-categories to minimise significant financial impacts on as many of our rate-payers as possible.

Watch the video, or read our latest fact sheet(PDF, 2MB) to learn more about the rate harmonisation process.

Rate harmonisation is about distributing rates more equitably across our region. It does not change the total amount of rates we can collect.

Waste management charges

Variations in the way waste management has been charged across the three former regions have been addressed. In some cases, charges have been removed, while in other cases charges may have increased or decreased so they align for all properties across the region.

Waste management (general): Applies to all properties across the region, including residential, vacant land, commercial, industrial, farmland and properties without a kerbside collection. Charges are used to fund all expenditure associated with the provision of waste management services other than domestic waste management services. This includes principal repayments on loans for capital landfill costs, education, public place litter bins, illegal dumping and littering. Any excess funds will be placed in reserves to assist in funding future expenditure.

  • $100 per service within the waste collection area
  • $45 per property outside the collection area
  • Properties containing more than one dwelling or utilising more than one service will be charged for each dwelling or service provided

Domestic waste management: Applies to all rateable land where the service is deemed available, including vacant land. It does not apply to properties that are deemed as inaccessible or not cost-effective to service, or to properties that are not permitted to have a dwelling. These charges are in addition to the general Waste Management charge outlined above, and cover the cost of domestic waste collection services, along with landfill and waste processing costs, education and promotion, provision for future planning and all other associated services.

  • $370 for properties receiving a 3 bin service (140L red bin; does not apply to Gloucester)
  • $360 for properties receiving a 2 bin service (140L red bin; does not apply to Gloucester)
  • $470 for all Gloucester properties (where the larger 240L red bin service is provided)
  • $27 for vacant land

Commercial waste management: Applies to commercial and industrial premises that are not currently being serviced by a privately arranged bulk bin service. These charges are in addition to the general Waste Management charge outlined above. As part of aligning charges across the region, the service offerings have also been harmonised which will see the provision of a weekly recycling service offered in CBD areas (formerly only offered in Great Lakes).

  • $483 for commercial properties receiving a fortnightly recycling bin pick up
  • $580 for commercial properties receiving a weekly recycling bin pick up

For more information about waste management charges, please refer to our current Fees and Charges.

Stormwater charges

Stormwater charges are used to fund construction works to rectify known isolated stormwater issues and works prioritied in our Stormwater Management Plans. These projects and works will eliminate or reduce the impact of localised flooding on Council infrastructure, community assets and private property.

Residential properties: Charges across the region were already aligned and remain in place.

  • $25 per residential property
  • $12.50 per residential strata

Business properties: While the total amount of funds collected won't change, a redistribution of stormwater charges across the business sector has been applied to address previous inconsistencies. For business properties, excluding stratas, charges are calculated based on the area of the property.

  • $12.50 per business strata
  • $25 per business property up to 700m2 increasing to a maximum of $400 based on the area of the property

For more information about stormwater charges, please refer to our current Fees and Charges.