Roads focus - Flood recovery

Our already vulnerable road network was severely impacted by the March floods and maintenance and recovery will continue for up to 18 months in some places.
This page shows all the post-flood roadwork being undertaken, from weekly patching through to our major rehabilitation works, current and future.
We know some roads will remain closed for a long time due to the safety risk they pose. There are instances where multiple landslips have occurred on the one stretch of road, taking large sections down with them.
Our crews have not stopped since the beginning of the flood event and they have a mammoth job in front of them, with one of the largest road networks in the state to repair and reconstruct.
It's important to note that some days our crews may not be on site, but work is always happening behind the scenes, from geotechnical reports through to coordinating contractors and machinery.
Please continue to monitor this page and click through to keep up with all the work we have happening across the region.
Always drive to the road conditions, have patience with our crews who are out undertaking assessments and temporary safety repairs, and always obey road closures.