Unsealed road maintenance


In our region we have about 1,800 kilometres of unsealed roads to maintain.

As a general rule, roads which carry less than 250 vehicles per day are cheaper to maintain as gravel roads.

We undertake scheduled grading and provide a weekly update of where our crews will be each week.

If your unsealed road has deteriorated you can submit a request for grading here.

Below is where we will be patching this week and where we've been lately.

Maintenance grading:

Week ending 10 December 2021                     

  • Cedar Party Road
  • Wang Wauk Road
  • Curricabark Road
  • Harrington

November completed maintenance grading

22/11/21 - 3/12/21 -  Craven Creek Road, Diamond Beach, Cabbage Tree, Old Inn, Lowey's, Monkerai area, Grants Road, Pages Road, Spring Creek Road, Berrico Road

15/11/21 - 19/11/21 - Little Bunyah Road, Wingham and Taree areas, Curricabark Road, Violet Hill Road, Wattley Hill, Simmsville Road, Booral Washpool Road, The Branch Lane 

8/11/21 - 12/11/21 -  Shorts Road, Ricketts Road, Harrington, Crowdy Head,  Wang Wauk, Glen Ward Road

October completed maintenance grading

4/10/21 - 8/10/21 - North Moto Road, Morrisons Lane, Innes Lane and Careys Road

11/10/21 - 15/10/21 - Killabakh, Moto, Little Bunyah

18/10/21 - 22/10/21 - Manchester Road

25/10/21 - 29/10/21 - Killabakh area, Mondrook area, Lansdowne/Melinga area, Glen Ward Road, Carters Road, Curricabark Road, Bowman Farm

29/10/21 - 5/11/21 - Minimbah Road, Coolongolook Streets, Cabbage Tree Road, The Branch Lane, Fords Road, Gunns Gully, Little Bunyah, Coopernook, Tinonee, Killabakh, Carters Road, Glenward Road

September completed maintenance grading

30/8/21 - 3/9/21 - Kippax Road, Burrell Creek area, Kimbriki area, Warrens Lane, Upper Lansdowne area, Gloucester Tops Road, Rawdon Vale Road

6/9/21 - 10/9/21 - Warrawillah, Middlebrook, Gun Gully, Putta, Kimbriki area, Gloucester Tops Road, Kauthi Road

13/9/21 - 17/9/21 - Central Lansdowne, Middlebrook, Mooral Creek, Manning Hill, Norries, Willina, Shallow Bay, Elliots Road, Minimbah Road, Tereel Road, Mill Creek Road, Johnsons Road, Gloucester Tops Road, Kauthi Road, Kimbriki

20/9/21 - 24/9/21 - Mooral Creek Road, Moto area, Whites Lane, Bootawa area

27/9/21 - 1/10/21 - Manchester Road, Little Bunyah Road, Mooral Creek Road, Moto Road, North Moto Road, Careys Road, Mondrook Lane, Diamond Head Road

August completed maintenance grading

2/8/21 - 6/8/21 - Kippax area, Tilbaroo Road, Central Lansdowne, Dyers Crossing/Krambach area, Moppy Road, Moppy Creek Road

9/8/21 - 13/8/21 - Bulga Road, Central Lansdowne, Dyers Crossing, Half Chain Road, Gloucester Tops Road, Rawdon Vale Road

16/8/21 - 20/8/21 - Krambach area, Central Lansdowne area, Elands area, Old Bar area, Belbora area, Rawdon Vale Road, Gloucester Tops Road

23/8/21 - 27/8/21 - Tilbaroo Road, Kings Creek Road, Bidners Lane, Mudford Lane, Barlins Lane, Newby Road, Warrens Lane, Forest Lane, Hayes Lane, Dees Road, Saxbys Road, Gloucester Tops Road area

July completed maintenance grading

5/7/21 - 9/7/21 - Candoormakh Creek, Pipeclay Creek, Elands, Tilbaroo, Central Lansdowne Road, Hogans Road

12/7/21 - 16/7/21 - Krambach/Dyers Crossing, Elands/Tilbaroo, Kippax, Central Lansdowne, Titaatee Creek, Possum Brush, Violet Hill Road, Boolambayte, Myall River roads, St Clairs Road, Daunts Lane, Gap Hill Road, Watergum Lane

19/7/21 - 23/7/21 - Rawdon Vale Road, Gloucester Tops Road, Moppy area, Elands, Bulga Road, Central Lansdowne Road, Dyers Crossing area

26/7/21 - 30/7/21 - Moppy Road, Rawdon Vale Road, Swans Road, Kippax Road, Lansdowne area, Krambach area, Firefly area, Titaatee Creek, Upper Myall Road, Mill Creek, Gap Hill Road, Johnsons Creek, Brooks Road


June completed maintenance grading

31/5/21 - 04/5/21 - Bunyah Road, Tilbaroo Road, Lyrebird Lane, Polsons Lane, Weeks Lane, Allan Lane, Templetons Lane, Murdochs Lane, Midgy Gharret Road, Mount Mooney Road, Jems Creek Road, Curricabark Road

7/6/21 - 11/6/21 - Jems Creek, Mount Mooney Road, Candoormakh Creek Road, Wallanbah area, Elands area, Oxley Island area

15/6/21 - 18/6/21 - North Moto, Tipperary, Titaatee Creek

21/6/21 - 25/6/21 - Moto Road, Elands / Tilbaroo, Pipeclay Creek

28/6/21 - 2/7/21 - 


May completed maintenance grading

14/5/2021 - 28/5/2021 - Oxley Island, Elands, Wallanbah/Bunyah, Tipperary, Titaatee Creek, Redbank Road, Mount Mooney, Jems Creek, Curricabark

07/5/2021 - 14/5/2021 - Mitchells Island area, Dyers Crossing, Mt Mooney, Curreeki Creek, Kennedys Gap, Mitchells Road, Wootton area.

03/5/2021 - 07/5/2021 - Redbank Road, Newbys Road, Milligans Lane, Wang Wauk Road, Glenwarrens Road

03/5/2021 - 07/5/2021 - Mitchells Island – Beal Ave, Leslies Lane, Factory Road

03/5/2021 - 07/5/2021 Wallanbah – Wallanbah Road, Sawpit Lane, Yates Road

03/5/2021 - 07/5/2021 Locketts Crossing, Newman Road, Squires Road

April completed maintenance grading

31/3/2021 to 12/4/2021 – Tallwoods Drive, Spicers Road, Koorak Lane, Bayel Drive

6/4/2021 to 16/4/2021 – Wang Wauk Road

13/4/2021 to 16/4/2021 – Metz Road, Irwins Road

19/4/2021 to 28/4/2021 – Irwins Road, Redbank Road, Newbys Road

19/4/2021 to 30/4/2021 – Wang Wauk Road, Milligans Lane