Sealed road maintenance


Sealed road maintenance

Every day our maintenance teams make their way around our road network undertaking temporary patch repairs and reseals as well as assessing and planning for major reconstructions.

This work is prioritised based on road condition, location and volume of traffic.

Patching potholes is the quickest, most cost-effective way to ensure a road is safe for users until more long-term repairs can be made,

Resealing restores a worn road surface and protects the underlying road structure, but it can only be undertaken if the underlying pavement is in good condition.

See below to find out where our crews will be patching this week and where they've been recently.

Pothole patching:

Week ending 24 September 2021

Crews will be at:

  • Central Lansdowne
  • Upper Landsowne
  • Tinonee
  • Crowdy Head
  • Black Head
  • Harrington
  • Lansdowne Road

September completed pothole patching

30/8/21 - 3/9/21 -The Bucketts Way, Thunderbolts Way

6/9/21 - 10/9/21 - Wingham area, Tinonee area, The Bucketts Way, Comboyne Road, Bulga Road, Bootawa Road, Thunderbolts Way

13/9/21 - 17/9/21 - Wingham, Tinonee, Old Bar, Central Lansdowne, Hillville, Bootawa, Irrawang, The Bucketts Way, Gloucester, Thunderbolts Way, Tea Gardens

August completed pothole patching

2/8/21 - 6/8/21 - The Bucketts Way, Lansdowne Road, Taree Streets, Wingham Streets, Old Bar, Thunderbolts Way

9/8/21 - 13/8/21 - The Bucketts Way, Thunderbolts Way, The Lakes Way

16/8/21 - 20/8/21 - The Bucketts Way, Hannam Vale Road, Comboyne Road, Thunderbolts Way

23/8/21 - 27/8/21 - The Bucketts Way, Comboyne Road, Bulga Road, Crowdy Head Road, Taree Streets, Thunderbolts Way

July completed pothole patching

5/7/21 - 9/7/21 - The Bucketts Way, Comboyne Road, Taree Streets, Coopernook Streets, Warwiba

12/7/21 - 16/7/21 - The Bucketts Way, Lansdowne Road, Comboyne Road, Taree Streets, Wingham Streets

19/7/21 - 23/7/21 - Thunderbolts Way, The Bucketts Way, Tinonee, Urban Streets

26/7/21 - 30/7/21 - The Bucketts Way, Comboyne Road, Thunderbolts Way, Tinonee Village, Harrington Village

June completed pothole patching

31/5/21 - 4/6/21 - Avalon Road, Belbora Creek Road, Bakers Creek Road, Nowendoc Road, Pitlochry Road, The Bucketts Way, Thunderbolts Way, Taree and Wingham streets

7/6/21 - 11/6/21 - Taree Streets, Scone Road, Barrington East, Barrington West, Bowman Farm Road

15/6/21 - 18/6/21 - Kimbriki Road

21/6/21 - 25/6/21 - Wingham Streets and Nowendoc Road

28/6/21 - 2/7/21 - The Bucketts Way, Comboyne Road, Taree Streets, Coopernook Streets, Warwiba Road, Markwell Road


May completed pothole patching

14/5/2021 - 28/5/2021 - Hannam Vale, Avalon, The Bucketts Way, Wingham, Tinonee, Old Bar

07/5/2021 - 14/5/2021 - Stewarts River area, Bucketts Road, Gloucester Tops, Taree area, Cundletown area, Wingham 

03/5/2021 to 07/5/2021 - Taree Streets (various locations)

03/5/2021 to 07/5/2021 - Lansdowne Road, Upper Lansdowne Road, Central Lansdowne Road

03/5/2021 to 07/5/2021 - Hannam Vale Road

03/5/2021 to 07/5/2021 - Willina Road, Norris Road, Wootton Way, Booral Road