Current roads program

Works continuing through 2018/19

In the current financial year $55million will be invested in renewal and rehabilitation works on our roads and bridges, and another $15million on maintenance works. That’s $777 for every MidCoast resident, compared to as little as $30 per resident in some Sydney suburbs.

The table below indicates projects, locations and timings in this year’s Capital Works program. Those highlighted in orange are funded through the $100 million Road Upgrade Package. Over and above these projects, you’ll also see our crews out across the region every day, undertaking maintenance works such as pothole patching, roadside slashing and gravel resheeting.

Note – This table is a condensed version of a more detailed capital works program that is updated and presented monthly at our council meetings. You can view the latest version by downloading it from the attachments on our Council Meetings web page.

Projects in blue are completed

Projects in green are underway or scheduled to commence

Projects in orange are funded through the $100 million Road Upgrade Package


Project  Locality Scope of Works Schedule

 Carryover Projects from FY17/18

The Bucketts Way stage 5 with Kelly's Bridge  Burrell Creek

Replacement of timber bridge with concrete culvert plus road alignment improvement ‐ 700m

 Lee St / Stroud St Bulahdelah  Bulahdelah 

Road reconstruction and drainage improvement on Lee St and Stroud St including roundabout construction ‐ 420m 

 Hadley St ‐ Lake St (primary school frontage)
 Forster   New kerb & gutter plus road rehabilitation between Lake St and Head St - 260m  Completed
 Pulteney St ‐ Albert to Wynter   Taree  Full road reconstruction incl K&G, pavement, footpaths, retaining walls - 200m  Completed
 Hume St - Barrington St to Church St  Gloucester  Road rehabilitation ‐ 180m  June 19
 Manning Regional Art Gallery Carpark  Taree  Carpark construction  Completed
 Booral Rd  Crawford River  Road rehabilitation ‐ 900m  Completed
 Boomerang Dr/The Lakes Way ‐ No 8 Oasis C/Pk  Blueys Beach  Road rehabilitation  Completed
 Manning Point Rd  Mitchells Island  Road rehabilitation - 2.5km  Jan - June 19
 Manning Point Rd  Mitchells Island  Road rehabilitation - 480m  Jan - June 19
 Hannam Vale Rd ‐ 9.7 to 10.94km  Hannam Vale  Road rehabilitation - 1.2km  Completed
 Hannam Vale Rd - 11.36km to 11.94km  Hannam Vale  Road rehabilitation - 580m  Completed
 Blackhead Rd  Hallidays Point  Road rehabilitation - 600m  Completed
 MR111 ‐ The Lakes Way ‐ Boomerang Dr Intersection  Charlotte Bay  Improvement of intersection at Boomerang Drive ‐ 290m + 50m  Completed
 Old Bar Road ‐ Warwiba to Berady Lane  Old Bar  Road rehabilitation  Completed
 Bulga Bridge  Bobin  Replacement of timber bridge, Bulga Road  Completed
 Bobin Bridge   Bobin  Replacement of timber bridge, Bulga Road  Completed
 Old Bar to Pacific Highway Cycleway  Glenthorne / Pampoolah /
 Old Bar
 Gravel path between Old Bar and Follies Road,   directional signage  Completed
 Callaghans Creek Bridge  Cundle Flat  Replace of timber bridge, Callaghans Creek Rd  March - Sept 19
 Cedar Party Creek Bridge - Design  Wingham  Design for replacement of existing bridge / new road approaches / new alignment  Completed 

 Urban Rehabilitation

 Coomba Rd / Kirribilli - Tallawalla  Coomba Park  360m length  Completed
 Coomba Rd / Warramutty Nth - Coolangatta  Coomba Park  500m length  Completed
 Manning St (High St / Cornwall St)  Taree  250m length  FY 19/20
 Farquhar (Bent St / Primrose St and Primrose St / Queen St)  Wingham  450m length  FY 19/20
 King George Pde (Victor/Cavill & Cavill / Elizabeth)  Forster  620m length  June 19
 Black Head Rd/Main St (High St / Gordon Ave)  Black Head  440m length  June - July 19
 Queen Street  Gloucester  440m length  FY 19/20
 Pulteney Street Stage 2 (Albert to Wynter Streets)  Taree  Carry over (see above)  Completed
 Primrose St (Canget St / Farquhar St)  Wingham  170m length  FY 19/20
 Reidsdale Rd (MR 90 / End K & G)  Stroud Road  315m length  Completed
 Victoria St (Commerce St / Flett St)  Taree  300m length  June - Sep 19 / Seal Dec 19
 Sunbakers Dr (Alice / Lot 14)  Forster  150m length  Completed
 Lake St / Cross St Roundabout  Forster  Upgrade of roundabout infrastructure  Completed
 Guya Ave / Anchorage - Boulevarde  Hawks Nest  100m length  Completed
 Market St / Queen St - Denison St including int.  Gloucester  130m length   Completed
 Crawford St / Richmond - Lee  Bulahdelah  320m length   July 19
 Wootton Cres  Taree  50m length  Completed

 Urban Construction

 Stuart St (Hoskins St / End)  Nabiac   110m length - gravel road upgrade to bitumen seal  Completed
 Byron St (Donaldson St / End)  Nabiac  160m length - gravel road upgrade to bitumen seal  Completed
 Saville St (Berkeley St / Western End)  Stroud  80m length - gravel road upgraded to bitumen seal  Completed
 Rosewood St (Ann St - Church St)  Bulahdelah  90m length - gravel road upgraded to bitumen seal  Completed
 Donaldson St (Wharf St / Byron St)  Nabiac  150m length - gravel road upgrade to bitumen seal  Completed
 Warri St (Koree St to water)  Pindimar  230m length - gravel rd upgrade to bitumen seal    Completed

State Rd RMCC Works

 Point Rd Roundabout  Tuncurry  Construction of roundabout  On hold / RMS
 Head / Macintosh St Project  Forster  Install of pedestrian refuge & pavement resurface  Completed
 Head St Project - Reserve Rd to Beach St  Forster  Pavement reconstruction  Completed
 Reseal Seg 470  Darawank  Bitumen reseal - multi year program  Completed
 Heavy patch program  Tuncurry  TBA  Programmed
 Asphalt resurfacing  Forster  Head St into Macintosh St  Completed
 Pavement reconstruction  Forster  KFC southbound  Completed
 Darawank Ck Bridge - handrail replacement  Darawank  Maintenance works  On hold / RMS

 Other Internal Council Works

 Jimmys Beach Sand Transfer System  Hawks Nest  Sand transfer system from Winda Woppa to Jimmys Beach  Completed
 Marine Facilities, Tea Gardens  Tea Gardens  Installation of new T-pontoon, timber wharf, shelters, repositioning existing fender
 Dredging Program - The Gut  Tea Gardens  6,800m3 pumped across 3.5km to Winda Woppa from Slip Island Mooring area  Completed
 Dredging Program - Harrington  Harrington    TBA - Await licence approval
 Dredging Program - Tuncurry  Tuncurry    TBA - Await licence approval
 Boating Now - Boat Ramp, Harrington Reserve  Harrington  Extending length of ramp  Completed
 Boating Now - Boat Ramp, Bohnock  Bohnock  Additional bay of car / boat parking  Completed
 Boating Now - Boat Ramp, Cundletown  Cundletown  Formalising and sealing parking areas  May - Oct 19
 Boating Now - Boat Ramp, Andrews Reserve  Taree  Extending length of ramp  Completed

Rural Rehabilitation

 Boondelbah Rd / Toonang - Toonang  Tea Gardens  380m length, segment 10  Completed
 The Bucketts Way, LP02, Manchester St - Peg Leg Creek  Tinonee  1,430m length   April - Sept 19
 Upper Myall Rd  Upper Myall  400m length, rehab existing road  TBC
 Markwell Rd    Bulahdelah  2,260m length, segment 54, 60, 62, 64  Completed
 Barrington East Rd  Barrington  950m length, segment 50, 60  Completed
 Coralville Rd  Coralville  400m length, segment 10  July 19
 Cedar Party Rd   Cedar Party  1,140m length, segment 120, 140, 150 June - July 2019
 Denva Rd  Taree South  500m length, segment 10  FY 19/20
 Scone Rd


 570m length, segment 60  Completed
 Upper Myall Rd  Upper Myall  1.5k length, seal of unsealed road  June - July 19
 Willina Rd  Coolongolook  Extending seal on currently unsealed segment  Completed
 Bombah Point Rd  Bombah Point  Extending seal on currently unsealed segment  Completed

 Regional Rehabilitation

 Commerce St  Taree  COS Start Commerce Street - COS Deb Street  Completed
 The Lakes Way (Tea Tree Road intersection)   Forster  600m length  Completed
 The Lakes Way (Sweet Pea Road intersection)  Forster  580m length  Completed
 The Bucketts Way  Craven  1.5km length. Overtaking lane  May - Nov 19
 The Bucketts Way  Limeburners Creek  1.25km length. Reconstruction, widening and overtaking lane  May - Nov 19
 The Lakes Way (South of Bungwahl last stage)  Bungwahl  320m length  Completed
 Avalon Rd (MR 90 / Middle of bend - No 373)  Krambach  630m length Complete - Final seal due Oct 19  February -Oct 19
 Old Bar Rd - Warwiba to Berady Lane  Old Bar  1,240m length  Completed
 MR 7761 Old Bar Rd / Motorcycle Club - 100m west of cemetery  Pampoolah  700m length  FY 19/20
 MR 7719 Thunderbolts Way / 90/80kph speed sign to COS - Seg 580  Baxters Ridge  780m length  Completed
 MR 7719 Thunderbolts Way - Seg 615  Mares Run  420m length - plus seal for 625 - 640 segment  Completed
 MR 7719 Thunderbolts Way - Seg 150-160  Barrington  1,460m length  April - July 19
 The Lakes Way, Charlotte Bay  Charlotte Bay  720m length  Completed
 Stroud Hill Road - 2.2km west of The Bucketts Way  Stroud Road / Washpool  2,120m length  Completed
 Gloucester Road - Nowendoc Road to river  Killawarra  2,100m length Completed
 The Lakes Way (North)  Rainbow Flat  1,070m length  TBC

 Bridge Renewals

 Milbai Creek Bridge  Tinonee  Replacement of timber bridge, Tinonee Road  February - August 19
 Little Cedar Party Creek Bridge  Cedar Party  Replacement of timber bridge, Comboyne Road  August - Nov 19
 Possum Brush Road Bridge No 2  Possum Brush  Replace of timber bridge, Possum Brush Road  July - October 19
 Kundle Creek Bridge  Bucca Wauka  Replacement of timber bridge, Wallanbah Road  July - December 19
 Cedar Creek Bridge - Willina Road  Bunyah  Replacement of timber bridge, Willina Road  February - July 19
 Emu Creek Bridge  Bulahdelah  Replacement of timber bridge, Booral Road  FY 19/20
 Burrell Creek Bridge  Burrell Creek  Replacement of timber bridge, Kimbriki Road  FY 19/20
 McQueen Bridge  Number One  Replacement of timber bridge, Nowendoc Road  FY 19/20
 Diamond Bridge  Wingham  Replace of timber bridge, Mooral Creek Road  FY 19/20
 Reltons Bridge  Wards River  Replace of timber bridge, Johnsons Creek Road  FY 19/20
 Wards River Bridge  Weismantels  Replacement of timber bridge, Terreel Road  FY 19/20

 Culvert Renewals

 Gunyah Causeway  Bobin  Reconstruct concrete causeway FY 19/20

 Concrete Works

 Black Head Shared Path - Connecting Centres (Cycling) -   Infrastructure  Black Head  1.5km cycleway, Black Head  April - July 19


 Forster Keys drainage re-lining  Forster  Repair failing council drainage pipes  Complete
 North Arm Cove drainage study priority project  North Arm Cove  Individual projects from study recommendation to be selected  TBC
 Bulahdelah drainage study priority project  Bulahdelah  Individual projects from study recommendation to be selected  TBC
 Cape Hawke Drive  Forster  Box culvert installation  Completed
 117 Amaroo Drive Stormwater  Smiths Lake    TBA