Bridge construction program

With 542 bridges across the MidCoast, of which 192 are timber, the MidCoast has 10 per cent of the State’s timber bridges.

Maintenance activities for the 192 timber bridges range from minor repairs through to major works. When major works are undertaken these bridges are often repaired or replaced with other materials including concrete and steel.

The State Government’s Fixing Country Bridges Replacement Program is supporting the repair and replacement of a number of our bridges.

Our bridge maintenance program for 2021-22  includes:

  • Fairbairns Bridge, Fairbairns Road
  • Parsons Bridge, Bunyah Road
  • Little Tiri Bridge, Tiri Road
  • Cox Bridge, Caparra Road
  • Killabakh Creek Bridge, Yarrat Road
  • Sheathers Bridge, Hannam Vale Road
  • The Falls Bridge, Glenwarrin Road